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Spine Anatomy

Thorax Anatomy

Typical thoracic vertebrae have costal facets that are also known as what? Demifacets
Costal facets articulate with what? head of rib
Clinically, where does the T spine begin? T3
T1 and T2 are typically examined with the _____ spine. Cervical
T1-T3 SP is located where in, relation to the body of the vertebrae? level with body
T4-T6 SP is located where in? level with inferior disc
T7-T9 SP project where? one level below TP
T10-T12 SP are located where? level with body
Thoracic facets allow for which types of mvmt? rotation and side bending
What else, besides facets, dictate mvmt in the thoracic spine? Ribs
"Typical" thoracic ribs are which ribs? 3-9
Ribs 1-7 are considered ____ ribs. True
Ribs 8-10 are considered _____ ribs. False
Ribs 11-12 are considered _____ ribs. Floating
T1 has how many facets? 1.5 (one full one for the 1st rib and half of one for rib two)
In T2-T9 there are how many demifacets on each side? two
Does T10 have a demifacet or a full costalfacet? Where is it located on the vertebrae? full costalfacet/body
Where is the costal facet located in T11-12? pedicle
Does T10 have a costotransverse facet? yes
Do T11-12 have a costotransverse facet? no
What are the atypical ribs? 1,2,10-12
What defines a true rib? attach directly to sternum via costal cartilage.
What is at risk for compression on the 1st rib (the subclavian artery or vein) Artery (b/c the scalenes attach on both sides of it)
What defines a false rib? attach to sternum indirectly via the costal cartilage of the rib above.
What defines a floating rib? does not connect to the sternum.
What is atypical about the second rib? tubercle for the posterior scalene.
What rib attaches only to the manubrium? 1st
The manubrium has a demifacet for articulation with what rib? 2nd
What is the sternebrae? 4 fused segments of the sternum
There are facets on the sternum for which ribs? 2-7
Of the facets on the sternum, the facets for the 2nd and 7th rib are considered __________ and the facets for the 3rd-6th ribs are _____ ______. demifacets/full facets
The xiphoid has a demifacet for articulation with which rib? 7th
The xiphoid ossifies around what age? >= 40 y/o
What is the open-packed position for the SC joint? arm at side
What is the closed-packed position for the SC joint? full elevation
It is considered a medical emergency if the clavicle moves too far in what direction? posterior
What passes posterior to the right SC joint? Brachiocephalic trunk
What passes posterior to the left SC joint? Common carotid and subclavian arteries
What are the functions of the thoracic cavity? protect contents of the thoracic cavity and respiration
Created by: txst spr 2009