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Bl 10 Revision

Bl 10 revision list

diwrnod codi arian fund raising day
trefnu organising
diwrnod arbennig special day
godi arian fund raise
eisiau want
peth thing
yn ystod during
plant children
gwaith work
rhoi arian give money
noddedig sponsored
gallu be able to
anfonwch send
e-bost e-mail
os gwelwch yn dda please
stondin stand/ stall
gwerthu sell
Neuadd y Dref Town Hall
Ganolfan Hamdden Leisure Centre
gobeithio hoping
codi raise
punt pound
Gweplyfr FB
fy ardal my area
Dw i'n hoffi... I like...
Dw i ddim yn hoffi... I don't like...
Mae'n well gen i... I prefer...
Dw i wrth fy modd... I love...
Hoffwn i gael... I'd like to have...
parc park
canolfan bowlio deg bowling alley
castell castle
camlas canal
archfarchnad supermarket
siop shop
siopau shops
tafarnau pubs
gwestai hotels
bwytai restaurants
canolfal hamdden leisure centre
canolfan dringo climbing centre
disgo disco
Mae Powis yn... Powys is...
Mae fy ardal yn... My area is...
dawel quiet
bert pretty
gwledig rural
diflas boring
Dw i'n hoffi byw yn___ I like living in_____
achos mae'n______ because it's____
Dydw i ddim yn hoffi byw yn_____ I don't like living in_____
Hoffwn i fyw yn_____ I'd like to live in____
achos mae fwy o cyfleusterau yna because there are more facilities there
achos mae____yna because there's a______there