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Coast Guard25' Coxsn

Navigation Rules

One short blast I intend to leave you on my port side
two short blasts I intend to leave you on my starboard side
three short blasts I am operating astern propulsion
four short blasts Pilot vessel identification
five or more short blasts Danger signal
One prolonged blast I am leaving a dock or berth I am power-driven underway in fogApproachinb a blind bend in rivers
Two prolonged blasts I am power-driven, underway, not making way in fog
One prolonged and two short Sailing, Towing, NUC vessel in fog.RAM, fishing in fog (both underway and anchored)
One prolonged blast and three short Being towed in fog and manned
Short, Prolonged, Short Optional signal for vessel anchored or aground in fog
The term power driven vessel means any vessel propelled by machinery
The term sailing vessel means any vessen under sail povided that propelling machinery, if fitted, is not being used
The term vessel engaged in fishing means any vessel fishing with nets, lines, trawls, or other fishing apparatus which restricts manuverability, but does not include a vessel fishing with trolling lines or other fishing apparatus which does not restrict manuverability
The word seaplane means any aircraft designed to manuver on the water
The term cessel NOT under command means a vessel which through some exceptional circumstance is unable to manuver as required by these rules and is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another vessel
The term restricted in ability to manuver means a vessel which from the nature of her work is restricted in her ability to manuver as required by these rules and is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another cessel.
What are some vessels that are Restricted in their ability to manuver Engaged n layin,servicin,pickin up nav markerEngaged n dredgin,surveyin,underwater opsEngaged n replenishment,trnsfrng POB, or cargo underway.Engaged n aircraft opsEngaged n mineclearin opsEngaged n towin ops that restrict ability to deviate
The term vessel constrained by draft means A power driven vessel which because of her draft in relation to the available depth and width of navigable water is severley restricted in her ability to deviate from the course she is following
The word underway means that a vessel is not anchored or made fast to the shore oraground
Created by: michellereece
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