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Asian Geography

grade 7 Asian geography and history questions

Which country produces the most oil? Saudi Arabia
What is desalination? The process of removing salt from sea water.
What are aquifers? Underground layers where water collects.
True or False: India is the largest country in Asia? False
True or False: Asia is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean False
What does the word Mesopotamia mean? Between the rivers
What 2 rivers does the Fertile Crescent fall between? The Tigris and the Euphrates
What did Darius the Great build to connect his Persian Empire? Roads with rest stops.
What was the capital city of Ancient Persia? Persepolis
What country was Genghis Khan from? Mongolia
What does Genghis Khan mean? Emperor of all emperors or Oceanic Ruler
What is the largest mountain range in Asia? The Himalayas
What are monsoons? Heavy rainy season in South Asia that helps the crops grow.
What is the tallest mountain in the Himalayas? Mount Everest
Name any 2 islands (or chain of islands) in Southeast Asia Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia , Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
How are Tsunami's created? Movement of tectonic plates underwater (earthquakes, volcanoes)
What year did the worst Tsunami in history occur in the Indian Ocean? 2004
What is mitigation? Preventative measures taken to reduce the effects of a natural disaster.
Created by: terilynne8