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Ap psych all

Absolute refractory period The period during which a neuron lies dormant after an action potential has been completed.
Absolute threshold The minimum amount of stimulation needed for a person to detect the stimulus 50 percent of the time.
Accommodation The process by which the shape of an eye’s lens adjusts to focus light from objects nearby or far away. Also: the modification of a schema as new information is incorporated.
Acetylcholine (ACH) A neurotransmitter involved in muscle movement, attention, arousal, memory, and emotion.
Achievement motive An impulse to master challenges and reach a high standard of excellence.
Achievement tests An assessment that measures skills and knowledge that people have already learned.
Action potential A short-lived change in electric charge inside a neuron
Activation-synthesis theory A theory proposing that neurons in the brain activate randomly during REM sleep.
Active listening A feature of client-centered th erapy that involves empathetic listening, by which the therapist echoes, restates, and clarifies what the client says.
Adaptation An inherited characteristic that increases in a population because it provides a survival or reproductive advantage.
Adaptive behaviors Behaviors that increase reproductive success.
Additive strategy The process of listing the attributes of each element of a decision, weighing them according to importance, adding them up, and determining which one is more appealing based on the result.
Adoption studies Studies in which researchers examine trait similarities between adopted children and their biological and adoptive parents to figure out whether that trait might be inherited.
Adrenal cortex The outer part of the adrenal glands, which secretes corticosteroids
Agoraphobia A disorder involving anxiety about situations from which escape would be difficult or embarrassing or places where there might be no help if a panic attack occurred.
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