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Physical Science

Review for NCFE Physical Science

Which material would be classified as homogeneous? stainless steel bolt granite rock soap apple stanless steel bold
A hockey stick and puck have acceleration of 3.0 m/s2. What happens if the force is tripled? acceleration remains the same , acceleration is reduced to 1.0m/s2, acceleration increases to 6.0 m/s2, acceleration increases to 9.0 m/s2 Acceleration increases to 9 meters per second squared
If you push a book across a table, which of the following describes the reaction force? book pushes on table, book pushes on you, table pushes on book, you push the table book pushes on you
A driver applies brakes quickly why does a book on the seat keep moving forward? gravity pushes the book forward, no frictional force acts on the book, brakes apply force to the car, but not to the book, book accelerates in direction of applied force brakes apply force to the car but not the book
Which statement is true about an object in freefall? Assume negligible air resistance. object has constant velocity, object has constant acceleration, acceleration of object increase as it falls, velocity decreases as acceleration decreases as it falls object has constant acceleration
If Bob walks 2 blocks east, 4 blocks south and 2 blocks west, what distance has he traveled? 2 blocks, 4 block,s 6 blocks, 8 blocks 8 blocks
If Bob walks 2 blocks east, 4 blocks south, and 2 blocks west, what is his displacement? 2 blocks south, 4 blocks south, 2 blocks south, 2 blocks east, 4 blocks south, 2 blocks east 4 blocks south
Which of the elements listed is a metalloid? carbon, antimony, sulfu,r helium antimony
An element is placed in Group 1 period 8. Which statement describes the element? The element has a -1 oxidation number, the element will form an ion with a +1 charge, the element has two valence electrons, the element is a gas The element will form an ion with a +1 charge
How many valence electrons does a phosphorus atom contain? 5, 7 , 9, 15 5
A force of 50 N is applied to a rock for one hour. How much work is done if it does not move? 3000 joules, 400 joules, 50 joules, 0 joules joules
What is the effect on frequency of a wave when the wavelength is doubled? frequency is also doubled, frequency remains the same, frequency is reduced to 1/4, frequency is reduced to 1/2 Frequency is reduced by 1/2
Which type of wave can travel in a vacuum? sound, mechanical, surface, electromagnetic electromagnetic
Which type of wave would be classified as compressional? visible ligh,t ultrasound, x-rays, radio waves ultrasound
Which wave interaction best explains glare on the windshield of a car? diffraction, interference, reflection, refraction interference
A student saw a woolen sweater clinging to a silk scarf. Why? The static charge of both pieces is the same, the static charge of both is positive, the static charge of both pieces is negative, static charge of 1 piece is positive, the other is negative the static charge of one piece is positive the other piece is negative
What is the current in a circuit that has a voltage of 120 volts and a resistance of 2 ohms? 240 amp, 60 amps, 40 amps, 0 amps 60 amps
What is the purpose of a transformer? change the voltage of alternating current, change the resistance of direct current, convert potential to kinetic energy. convert mechanical energy to electrical energy change the voltage of alternating current
Copper wire has a set resistance. Which changes would provide less resistance? a longer copper wire of the same thickness, a thinner copper wire of the same length, a thicker copper wire of the same length, increase in temperature of the wire a thicker copper wire of the same length
Which combinations of elements will form an ionic bond? carbon and hydrogen, chlorine and magnesium, chlorine and fluorine, hydrogen and oxygen chlorine and magnesium
Which pH would indicate the most acidic substance? 2, 4, 10 , 14 2
A radioactive isotope has a half-life of 8 days. How much of 80g sample is left after 24 days? 10 g , 20 g, 30 g, 40 g 10g
In a graph of temperature and time of a substance that is heating up, the temp remains the same for 3 minutes, what would explain this? a change in state, a chemical reaction, a broken thermometer a change in state
Which of the following has 2 valence electrons? Lithium, Carbon, Neon, Iron Lithium
Where would I find protons? in the orbitals of atoms, in the energy of electricity, in the nucleus of atoms, in the electron cloud in the nucleus of an atom
What element has 7 protons in its nucleus? C, O, Ne, N Nitrogen
If an atom looses one electron in an ionic bond, the charge on that atom is going to? get more negative, get more positive, stay the same get more positive
In a covalent bond the two elements do what? take electrons from one another, share electrons with one another, donate extra electrons to needy atoms share electrons
What is the average speed of a car that traveled 130 miles in 3 hours? 43.3 mph
How far did Johnny walk if he walked for 20 hours at a pace of 2.5 miles per hour? 50 miles
What is the average acceleration of an object thrown from a 40 floor building if you do not consider air resistance? 9.8m/s for every second it falls or 9.8m/s2
If I drop a bowling ball and a ping pong ball from the Eiffel tower, which will hit the ground first? they will hit at the same time, gravity pulls equally on all things regardless of mass
What is the difference between weight and mass? Mass is the amount of matter something has, weight is how gravity pulls on that matter
What is air resistance? friction of an object moving through the air
Which has more air resistance a you diving off a building in a bodysuit holding a pencil formation or you with a billowing dress flapping like a bird? you in a dress flapping like a bird
What is the uppermost point in a wave called? crest
What is the lowermost point in a wave called? trough
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