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Sound and Waves

6th Grade Science Quiz

ultrasound Sound waves in range above 20,000 hertz
acoustics The scientific study of sound
frequency The number of wavelengths passing a fixed point in a given period of time
decibel The unit that measures sound intensity
sound A wave that travels through matter produced by a vibrating object
sonar Instruments that use echolocation to locate objects.
vacuum An empty space with no or very few particles
echolocation Sending out ultrasound waves and interpreting their returning sound
intensity the amount of energy in a sound wave
hertz One complete wavelength per second or the unit of measuring frequency
amplification The increasing of the strength of an electrical signal
pitch The quality of the highness or lowness of a sound
Doppler effect The change in observed pitch that occurs when the source or the receiver of a sound is moving.
resonance The strengthening of a sound wave when it combines with an objects natural vibration
vibration A rapid back or forth motion
vacuum Which of these does not describe how sound can be heard? pitch, hertz, or vacuum
Doppler effect Which of these can be heard by humans? ultrasound, Doppler effect, or echolocation
rarefaction A low pressure area of loosely packed molecules
echo The reflection of sound waves off a hard surface can create this:
sonar What word is an abbreviation of sound navigation and ranging?
refracting When a wave changes direction as it passes from one substance to another it is ____.
Created by: jbrown9