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pharm chapter 7

what does an ADR mean? its any noxious unintended and undesired effect that occurs at normal drug doses -more common in the elderly and very young -more common in peeps receiving multiple drugs
define side effect unavoidable secondary drug effects produced at therapeutic doses such as drowsiness
define toxicity is an adverse drug rxn caused by excessive dosing ie: coma happening from prophine overdose -severe hypoglycemia from an overdose of insulin
define allergic rxn it's an immune response -intensity of allergic rxn is determined by degree of sensitization of the immune system not by drug dosage
define idiosyncratic effect an uncommon drug response resulting from a genetic predisposition ie, succinylcholine usually causes temporary paralysis but in ppl that have a genetic issue where the they have less inactivating enzyme it can cause a severe response
define iatogenic disease disease produced by physician or disease produced by drugs ie: a pt taking antipyschotic drugs may develop a syndrome which resembles Parkinson and since this syndrome is drug induced and identical to a naturally occurring pathology
define teratogenic effect a drug induced birth defect
amphotericin B is an antifungal drig that causes injury to what organ? the kidneys
doxorubin causes injury to what organ? the heart
amiodarone causes injury to what organ? the lungs
aminoglycoside antibiotics causes injury to which body part? the inner ear
How do drugs damage the liver? when some drugs undergo metabolism, they are converted to txic products that can injure liver -also combining hepatotxic drugs with certain drugs can cause damage. ie. mixing acetaminphen w/ alcohol
what test should ppl that are taking hepatotxic drugs undergo? the should take the liver function tests at basline and periodically afterwards. -you look for two liver enzymes: aspartate aminotrnasferase(ast) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) -ast and alt are normally low but when liver is injured they are high
what are the signs of liver injury by taking hepatotoxic drugs jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), dark urine, light-colored stools, nausea, vomiting, malaise, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite
what are QT drugs? look at page 69 meds that prolong the QT interval on an EGG and so can cause a risk of serious dysrthmias -QT measyres the time it takes for the ventricles to repolarize -w/ prolonged QT pts can get dysrhythmia called torsades de pointes->
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