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Chapter 22

DHS PS Ch 22 - Acids, Bases, and Salts (2017/2018)

What is a substance that produces hydrogen ions in a solution? Acid
NaOH base
What kind of acid is found in car batteries? sulfuric
What acid is Vitamin C? Ascorbic Acid
Any substance that forms hydroxide ions in a solution is a(n)? Base
What is an organic compound that changes color in acid? Indicator
What base is found in antacids? Aluminum hydroxide
Double arrows pointing in opposite directions indicate? The dissociation reaction is incomplete or it involves a weak acid/base.
The strength of an acid or base depends on? How completely it ionizes/dissociates in water.
What two terms refers to the amount of acid or base dissolved in an solution? Dilute and concentrated
What is a measure of the concentration of the hydonium ions in it? pH
Vinegar has a pH of about ____ . 3
How many times more acidic is a substance with a pH of 2.5 compare to 4.5? 100
What would the degree be in which a lightbulb would light up when the current is passed through a weak acid? Dimmly
What are the solutions containing ions that react with acids or bases to minimize their effects? Buffers
What substance would have the pH of about 10? Milk of Magnesia
What is the symbol for a carboxyl group? -COOH
What is a compound made up of only carbon and hydrogen aroms? Hydrocarbon
In a titration, what is the point at which the indicator changes color and stays that way? Endpoint
In a titration, what is the solution for which the concentration is known? Standard solution
What is a process that uses a solution of known concentration to find the concentration of another solution? Titration
What is a substance that produces H+ ions in a water solution? Acid
What is a substance that produces OH- ions in a solution? Base
What is a compound formed in solution from the negative ion of an acid and the positive ions of a base? Salt
What has a bitter taste and a slippery feel that are clues that a solution is probably an? Base
What is a solution that refers to the ease with which an acid or base forms ions in solution? Strength
What is thew type of base that only partly ionizes in a solution? Weak Base
If a single arrow that points at the ions that are formed, this shows it is a? Strong Acid or Base
In what type of reaction does an acid and a base produce salt and a water? Neutralization
What is the main advantage of detergents over soaps? Detergents can be used in hard water and don't require warm water
Coffee has a pH of about 5. Coffee is? Somewhat acidic
Metal ions in water can react with soap to form? Soap Scum
To neutralize HCl in your stomach, antacids contain? Bases
What pH measurement is basic? Greater than 7
What instrument could tell you how acidic a sample of stream water is? pH meter
Fish tank water must be kept at a particular pH level so the fish stay healthy. What is the best way to protect the water from becoming too acidic or too basic? Add a buffer to the water
Mershum and his teacher are conducting a titration experiment. Mershum is adding an indicator into the solution drop by drop. He knows that he should stop adding drops of the indicator when the solution? changes color
What is the difference between a soap and a detergent? soaps contain salts and detergents contain sulfonic or phosphoric acid groups
What are some characteristics of acids? taste sour, are corrosive, many foods contain acids, tend to beging with an "H", it forms hydronium ions in water
In chemical equations describing dissociation, what do double arrows pointing in opposite directions indicate? the dissociation reaction is incomplete or involves a weak acid/base.
What are solutions containing ions htat react with acids or bases to minimize their effects? buffers
What are some characteristics of bases? feels slippery, bitter taste, contain an -OH group.
How is the concentration of an acid/base different from the strength of an acid/base? Concentration refers to the amount of acid or base dissolved in solution. Strength refers to how completely the acid ionized in solution.
Why do many states limit the amount of phosphates that can be used in detergents? phosphates act as fertilizers, causing overgrowth of vegetation in streams
A compound that is made up only of carbon and hydrogen is called a _________________? hydrocarbon
Water that contains dissolved metals such as calcium and magnesium. hard water
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