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Coast Guard25' Coxsn

casualties What is What

Brake light out Restrictive
Steering System inop Disabling
Brake fluid low Major
Metallic Noise Disabling
12 Volt will not energize Disabling
Expired deviation table Major
Missing safety chains Restrictive
Horn Inop Restrictive
Loose or missing prop coupling nut Disabling
Depth sounder inop Restrictive
Electrical arcing and sparking Disabling
Inop engine cover latch Major
Emulisified Oil in lower unit Restrictive
Life Ring/Distress light missing Major
Smell of insulation overheating Disabling
Radar Inop Restrictive
Missing Tie down strap Restrictive
Damaged/inop door/window locks Major
Leak in water, lube oil, actuator, or disel system Restrictive
Hull breach below the waterline Disabling
Radar pod securing hardware missing Disabling
Transom plate breach below waterline Disabling
Minimum of 4500 RPM's for 2 mins Restrictive
Radar pod securing hardware loose Disabling
Collar damage exceeding repairable limits Disabling
Green oil pressure light extinguishes Disabling
Red over heating light illuminates Disabling
Hole in boat below waterline Disabling
Hole in boat above waterline Restrictive
Missing kill switch lanyard Disabling
No portable fire extinguisher Disabling
Fluid levels below minimum Major
Missing mooring lines Major
Missing, Flat, Improper size, damaged or worn tires Restrictive
Overheating alarm lights up or sounds off Restrictive
Missing fenders Major
Inop cabin dewatering pump Restrictive
Missing fuel cap Disabling
Missing/inop skiff hook Major
GPS Inop Restrictive
Missing Non Skid (8 1/2 by 11) Restrictive
Missing/Chaffed seat belt Major
No electrical means of signling Distress Disabling
Magnetic compass/deviation table missing Restrictive
Inop tilt/trim system Restrictive
Inop Fuel gauge Restrictive
Uncontrollable Overheating Disabling
Compass light inop Major
Missing anchor Restrictive
Deck illumination lights out (exterior and interior) Major
Engine oil empty Disabling
Battey terminal loose or corroded Major
Nav Lights inop Restrictive
Missing/inop hand bilge pump Major
Any fuel or oil leak Disabling
Missing survival vest Restrictive
Missing/damaged lightning rod Major
Engine fails to start Disabling
Missing Taffrail Restrictive
Missing first aid kit Major
Created by: michellereece