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Geo Final

What uses most of the world's fresh water? Agriculture
Biggest earthquakes occur along Subduction zones- Andes, Japan
Continental drift is caused by Convection in the asthenosphere
Cloud identification Cumulonimbus- thunderstorms
Low pressure Doldrums/inter tropical convergence zone/equator/0 degrees
Flora and Fauna Plants and animals
Folding results in Synclines and anticlines
Frost shattering causes problems with Road construction, many roads up north are gravel
Graben A depressed block of land bordered by parallel faults
Horst A horst represents a block pushed upward by the faulting
Hurricane Low pressure, warm air picks up moisture over ocean
Polar regions High pressure
Satellites Used for weather forecasting
Study of weather Meteorology
Thermal power stations Burn coal -non-renwable
Troposphere Where most weather occurs
Westerlies Prevailing winds along BC coast
Tornado mT air is surrounded by cP air, big pressure difference causes warm air to rise violently
Boreal/Coniferous BC, NWT, YT, NFL, northern regions of all provinces
Temperate grassland Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
Tundra Northern NWT, Yukon
Temperate deciduous forest Southern Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes except NFL
Tropical Rainforest High temps and rainfall RF over 2,000 mm p.a. laterite soils greatest biodiversity/genetic diversity Hardwoods-mahogany, ebony latex deforestation
Temperate grassland/continental interior warm summer, cold winter large temp range summer rainfall convectional rain snow in winter (NH) chernozem soils short grass, scattered trees wheat/canola.corn/cattle
Mediterranean/schlerophyll warm summer, mild winter winter rain summer drought laterite soils schlerophyll/maquis/chapparal leaves small, leathery, waxy vinyards, citrus, olives
Monsoon hot, wet season cool, dry season summer price very high laterite soils broadleaved deciduous hardwoods-teak deforestation
Tropical rainforest temp high temps+rain
Mediterranean temp winter rain, summer drought
Prairie temp summer rain, large temp range
Monsoon temp hot wet season, cooler dry season
Tropical grasslands temp hot summer, warm winter, summer convectional rain
Tundra temp long cold winter, short cool summer
Desert temp rainfall 250-500 mm p.a.
Created by: lcampbel