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the 200 drugs

review for pharmacy technician

Deltasone=prednisone inflammation CORTICOSEROID
Depakote ER= divalproex bipolar disorder;migraine headache,seizure disorder NEUROLOGIC
Desyrel = trazadone insomnia, depresion SEROTONIN REUPTAKE INHIBITOR
Detrol LA = tolterodine incontinenceGU ANTISPASMODIC
Differin = adapalene acne vulgaris RETINOID
Diflucan = fluconazole fungal infection ANTIFUNGAL
Dilantin = phenytoin status epilecticus HYDANTOIN
Diovan = valsartan hypertension ARB
Diovan/HCT = valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide hypertension ARB-TIAZHIDE COMBINATION
Dyazide = triamterene-HCT hypertension POTASSIUM SPARING- THIAZIDE COMBINATION
Effexor= venlafaxine depresion SNRI
Elavil= amitriptyline depresion TCA
Enablex= darifenacin overactive bladder GU ANTISPASMODICS
Epipen=epinephrine anaphylaxys CATECHOLAMINE
Esidrix = hydrochlorotiazide hypertension THIAZIDE DIURETIC
Evista = raloxifene osteoporosis SERM
Flexerin = cyclobenzaprine muscle relaxant MUSCLE RELAXANT
Flomax = tamsulosin bph ALPHA BLOCKER
Flonase= fluticasone allergic rhinitis CORTICOSTEROID
Flovent HFA = fluricasone asthma CORICOSTEROID
Fluzone = influenza vaccine influenza INFLUENZA VACCINE
Folic acid= vitamin B9 diary supplement VITAMIN
Fosamax = alendronate osteoporosis BIPHOSPHONATE
Fosamax plus D= alendronate with vitamin D osteoporosis BIPHOSPHONATE
proton pump inhibitors prazole
corticosteroids sone
H2 antagonists tidine (ranitidine)
a-BLOCKERS sin (tamsulosin)
calcium channel blockers zem, pine (verapamil, diltiazem,amlodipine,)
angiotensin-concerting enzyme (ACE) pril (captipril,enalapirl,lisinopril,quinapril)
angiotensin ll antgonist ARBs (candersartan,valsartan)
beta blockers lol (atenolol,carvedilol,metroprolol,propanolol)
anticoagulants rin (enoxaparin, warfarin,delteparin,lepirudin)
selective 5 HT receptor aginists triptan (akmotripatam,sumatriptan)
bisphosphonates nate (alendronate, ibandronate)
Addition the combined effect of two drugs; it is equal to the sum of the effects of each drug taken alone
potentiation one drug increases or prolongs the effect of another drug; the total effect is greater than the sum of the effects of each drug alone
synergism the joint action of drugs in wich their combined effect is more intense or longer in duration than the sum of the effects of two drugs
sulfacetamides drink plenty of water to prevent crystalization in the urine.
grapejuice vtochrome P450 calcium channel,estrogens, cyclosporine,midazolam(metabolized)
cephalosporins cef,cep in the begining
tetracyclines contraindications;pregnancy
tetracyclines no give to children younger than 9 years, Doxycyclycline shoud be protected from the light
tetracycline sumycin
doxycycline hyclate vibramycin
docycycline monohydrate monodox
macrolides should be taken with food
macrolides mycin
macrolides claritromicin may leave a matallic taste
ketolides telithromycin; ketex
quinolones phoyoyoxicity
quinolones xacin
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