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Ch 13

Basics of Electricity

____ is the unit that measures the pressure or force that pushes the flow of electrons forward through a conductor. a volt
The term used for measuring the resistance of an electric current is: ohm
The term used for measuring how much electric energy is being used in one second is: wattage
The term used for measuring the strength of an electric current is: ampere
Safety devices that prevent the overheating of electric wires is known as: fuses and circuit breakers
An insulator or _______ is a substance that doesn't easily transmit electricity. nonconductor
An apparatus that conducts the electric current from the machine to the client's skin is called a/an: electrode
Commonly used modalities in cosmetology are Tesla, microcurrent, and: galvanic current
____________ forces acidic substances into deeper tissues using galvanic current from the positive toward the negative pole.
The process of introducing water-soluble products into the skin with the use of electric current is known as: iontophoresis
Another name for the Tesla high-frequency current is: violet ray
35% of natural sunlight is made up of: visible light
Ultraviolet rays make up ___% of natural light and are also referred to as cold rays or actinic rays. 5
Infrared rays are mainly used during hair conditioning treatments and to: process haircolor
The process used to soften and emulsify grease deposits and blackheads in the hair follicles is called: desincrustation
An instrument that produces moist, uniform head that can be applied to the head or face is called a: steamer
An extremely low level of electricity that mirrors the body's natural electricity impulses is known as: microcurrent
The light blocked by the ozone layer is called: UVC
Treatment that can remove blood vessels, hair follicles, and some wrinkles is known as: LASER
LED stands for: Light-Emitting Diode
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