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Chapter 4

Created using notes from Chapter 4 in "Pharmacy Technician Exam" by LearningExpr

Translate the abbreviation "ac" before meals
Translate the abbreviation "ad" right ear
Translate the abbreviation "am" morning
Translate the abbreviation "as" left ear
Translate the abbreviation "ASAP" as soon as possible
Translate the abbreviation "au" both ears
Translate the abbreviation "bid" twice a day
Translate the abbreviation "c" with
Translate the abbreviation "cc" cubic centimeter
Translate the abbreviation "d" day
Translate the abbreviation "DAW" dispense as written
Translate the abbreviation "dc" discontinue
Translate the abbreviation "gtt" drop
Translate the abbreviation "h" hour
Translate the abbreviation "hs" bedtime
Translate the abbreviation "i" one
Translate the abbreviation "ii" two
Translate the abbreviation "iii" three
Translate the abbreviation "iv" four
Translate the abbreviation "od" right eye
Translate the abbreviation "opth" for the eye
Translate the abbreviation "os" left eye
Translate the abbreviation "otic" for the ear
Translate the abbreviation "ou" each eye
Translate the abbreviation "nte" not to exceed
Translate the abbreviation "p" after
Translate the abbreviation "pc" after meals
Translate the abbreviation "pm" evening
Translate the abbreviation "po" by mouth
Translate the abbreviation "pr" in rectum
Translate the abbreviation "prn" as needed
Translate the abbreviation "pv" in vagina
Translate the abbreviation "q" every
Translate the abbreviation "qd" every day
Translate the abbreviation "q4h" every four hours
Translate the abbreviation "qid" four times a day
Translate the abbreviation "qod" every other day
Translate the abbreviation "qs" quantity sufficient enough or to make
Translate the abbreviation "qsad" add quantity to make specific volume
Translate the abbreviation "s" without
Translate the abbreviation "ss" one-half
Translate the abbreviation "sig" directions
Translate the abbreviation "sl" under the tongue
Translate the abbreviation "stat" at once
Translate the abbreviation "supp" suppository
Translate the abbreviation "tid" three times a day
Translate the abbreviation "ud" as directed
Define prescription a lawful order for a medication to be filled at a licensed pharmacy
What are the written parts of a prescription? prescriber's name and contact information, patient's name, date of prescription, medication requested (with name, strength, dosage form, and quantity), directions for use, prescriber's DEA number (if controlled), and prescriber's signature
How does a person process a prescription? Check the prescription (patient's name, medication name, quantity, and date are present), verify patient's name, record date of birth, record address, record phone number, verify allergies, and record insurance information
What is an NDC number? Standardized method used by all manufacturers to identify drugs; sequence of 11 numbers
What do the first five numbers in an NDC number represent? Manufacturer
What do the middle four numbers in an NDC number represent? Drug and its strength
What do the last two numbers in an NDC number represent? Package size
How does one calculate the day supply (what is the formula?) Divide number of pills by the times a day the medication is used
How many times can a Class II drug be refilled? 0 times
How many times can Class III - Class V drugs be refilled? 5 times max.
How long is the prescription for a Class III - Class V drug valid? up to six months after the issue date
How many times can Uncontrolled Drugs be refilled? 11 times max.
How long is the prescription for an Uncontrolled Drug valid? up to a year after the issue date
How does one ensure a correct DEA number with respect to the two first letters? First letter will always be A, B, F, or M; next letter will be the initial of the prescriber's last name
How does one ensure a correct DEA number with respect to the numbers? Add the first, third, and fifth numbers; Add the second, fourth, and sixth numbers and double that value; the last digit of the sum of these two sums will be the last digit of the DEA number
How does one verify the name on the drug label to be placed on a vial? Check that the medication name on the label matches the prescription
How does one verify the drug matches the prescription? Check that the medication name AND strength on the label matches the prescription
How does one verify that the correct medicine has been dispensed? Check that the NDC number on the label matches the NDC number on the stock bottle
In order, what are the things that the pharmacy technician must verify when entering a prescription? Patient name, birth date, insurance information, physician name, medication name, medication quantity, directions for use, day supply, number of refills, expiration date
What was the purpose of the Tamper Resistant Prescription Act? required Medicaid physicians to write prescriptions on prescription pads that are recognized as legitimate
Who may counsel patients who have questions about their medication? the Pharmacist
What is the Patient Package Insert? a page of paper detailing basic information about the drug
What is the Medication Guide? a handout with specific drugs/drug classes that addresses or highlights issues with their use
What components does the final prescription label contain? pharmacy name, address, and phone number; prescription/serial number, patient name, dispensing date, medication name/strength/dosage form/quantity, directions for use, prescriber's name, expiration date, number of refills, NDC number, auxiliary labels
What is an auxiliary label? Labels that provide additional information about the proper use of a drug
A situation in which exposure to a drug will cause serious adverse health consequences or death is classified as a... Class I recall
A situation in which exposure may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences and in which serious adverse health consequences are remote is classified as a... Class II recall
A situation in which use of or exposure is not likely to cause adverse health consequences is classified as a... Class III recall
Define expiration date time frame for which a drug is "effective"
If a drug's expiration date is given as a month and a year, when will that drug expire? On the last day of that month in the given year
What does the United States Pharmacopeia provide? Information on drug standards
What does Volume I of the United States Pharmacopeia provide? information for the health professional
What does Volume II of the United States Pharmacopeia provide? advice for the patient
What does Volume III of the United States Pharmacopeia provide? approved drug products and legal requirements
What does Remington's Pharmaceutical provide? information for compounding purposes; physical characteristics of drugs and recipes
What does Facts and Comparisons provide? drug information
What does Physician's Desk Reference provide? drug information (mostly drug inserts)
What does American Drug Index provide? information about trade and generic drugs
What does the Handbook of OTC Drugs provide? information on all OTC drugs on the market; information on the active and inactive ingredients in these medications
What does the Handbook of Injectable Drugs provide? information about IV solutions and drug-drug compatibilities; charts that indicate the compatibility of drugs and IV solutions
What does the Redbook provide? information concerning the average wholesale pricing of prescriptions
What does The Orange Book contain? listing of therapeutic equivalencies of drugs; identifies drug products that are therapeutically equivalent
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