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Week 1 Pharm

Pharm Terms

The _________ section for a prescription drug describes measures to be taken if prescribed in patients with certain conditions PRECAUTION
provides chemical blood pressure support in IV form VASOPRESSURE
When a drug is first discovered, it is given a_____________ DESCRIPTION BASED ON ITS ATOMIC OR MOLECULAR STRUCTURE
Amphetamines are a Schedule _____ drug II
_________ drugs that can help level a patient's moods in both manic and depressive states ANTIMANIC
Section ____ in the PDR is the Product Category Index 3
The prefix "milli-" means 1/1000 OF A UNIT
________ are cylinder-shaped enclosures for medication of either a gelatin-coated or time-released coating CAPSULES
Schedule III drugs have a _____ potential for psychological dependency. HIGH
__________ are medications that provide mild to moderate pain relief with out interfering with the patient's level of consciousness ANALGESICS
An example of a(n) ________ is an insulin pump. IMPLANTABLE DRUG PUMP
For a prescription to be considered valid, it must be _____ ISSUED FOR A LEGITIMATE MEDICAL PURPOSE BY A LICENSED PRACTITIONER
________ treat noninfectious processes by acting on different systems in the body to suppress chemicals or hormones PHARMACODYNAMIC DRUGS
__________temperature logs for both refrigerators and freezers where medications are stored are required. DAILY
Tigan, Dramamine, and Scopolamine are examples of ________ ANTIEMETICS
___________ makes patients feel jittery and relaxes the smooth muscles that line the air passages BRONCHODILATOR
An ounce is a measurement from the _____ HOUSEHOLD MEASURING SYSTEMS & APOTHECARY SYSTEM
The _____ _______ of a prescription drug is the drugs effects on the body and its mechanism of action CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY
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