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WK 5 ME1160

Week 5 Medical Terms

abort/o to miscarry
cervic/o cervix, neck
coit/o coming together
colp/o vagina
culd/o cul-de-sac
cyst/o bladder
fibr/o fibrous tissue
gynec/o female
hyster/o womb, uterus
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
men/o month, menses, menstration
metr/o womb, uterus
my/o muscle
o/o ovum, egg
oophor/o ovary
pareun/o laying beside, sexual intercourse
rect/o rectum
salping/o fallopian tube
uter/o uterus
vain/o vagina
venere/o sexual intercourse
vers/o turning
andr/o male
balan/o glans penis
cis/o to cut
grypt/o hidden
didym/o testis
ejaculat/o to throw out
gon/o genitals
gynec/o female
mast/o breast
mit/o thread
orch/o testicle
orchid/o testicle
prostat/o prostate
scrot/o scrotum
sperm/o sperm/i seed, sperm
spermat/o seed, sperm
testicul/o testicle
varic/o twisted vein
vas/o vessel
vasicul/o seminal vesicle
zo/o animal
act/o acting
angi/o vessel
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
bronch/o bronchus
chol/e gall, bile
cinemate/o motion
cyst/o bladder
dermat/o skin
digit/o finger or toe
ech/o echo
encephal brain
fluor/o fluorescence, luminous
gen/o kind
hyster/o womb, uterus
lymph/o lymph
mamm/o breast
myel/o spinal cord
oscill/o to swing
physic/o nature
pyel/o renal pelvis
radi/o ray, x-ray
salping/o fallopian tube
sial/o salivary
son/o sound
therapeut/o treatment
therm/o hot, heat
tom/o to cut
tract/o to draw
ven/o vein
agor/a marketplace
anxi/o uneasy, anxious
aut/o self
centr/o center
cycl/o circle, cycle
delus/o to cheat
hallucin/o hallucination
ment/o mind
neur/o nerve
path/o disease
phil/o attraction to, love
phren/o mind
psych/o mind
schiz/o to divide
somat/o body
thym/o mind, emotion
What does the suffix -genic mean? Produced by
What does the suffix -mania mean? Obsessive
What does the suffix -phobia mean? Disabling fear
Created by: KKEddings