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Forces & Motion

7th Grade Science Test Questions

The formula for Average Speed is Average Speed = Distance/Time
Arturo ran a 3,000-meter race. His running time from start to finish was 10 minutes. What was Arturo’s average speed? 300 m/s
Which is most likely needed when describing the change in position of an object? A. initial speed B. direction change C. reference point D. constant rate C. reference point
Explain why a car that is rolling on a level surface will eventually come to a stop? (not breaks) Friction
Two girls are pulling on opposite ends of a thick rope. Both girls pull on the rope with the same force but in opposite directions. This is an example of a __________________ force. Balanced
Two unequal forces act in opposite directions on a moving object. This is an example of a __________________ force. Unbalanced
Two students pull on a rope with 100 N in opposite directions. If the student on the left increased her force to 125 N, the rope would most likely go from being motionless to left acceleration.
When riding a roller coaster, an electric motor pulls the roller coaster to the top of the first hill. What force pulls the roller coaster down the hill? gravity
The force that prevents a ball rolling on the ground from continuing on its path forever is: friction
Which of the following changes when an unbalanced force acts on an object? motion
If an object has a mass of 50 kg and is accelerating at 2m/s/s, what is the force it will exert? 100N
The formula for Force is Force = Mass x Acceleration
John wants to build a racetrack that will allow his toy cars to travel fast when force is applied. Which material should he use? Plastic
A magnet is placed near a pile of steel paper clips. Which will most likely occur? The magnet will provide an unbalanced force, pulling the paper clips toward it.
Created by: MrsCharity