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Vocab Builder 16

arsonist incendiary
spur; motive incentive
uninterrupted incessant
recently begun; rudimentary; elementary inchoate
beginning; in an early stage incipient
cutting; sharp incisive
arouse to action incite
stormy; unking inclement
tending to include all inclusive
with identity concealed; using an assumed name incognito
not spacious incommodious
inharmonious incompatible
lack of harmony; absurdity incongruity
of trifling signifigance inconsequential
indisputable incontrovertible
immaterial; without a material body incorporeal
uncorrectable incorrigible
tendency to disbelief incredulity
increase increment
accuse incriminate
hatch; scheme incubate
burden; mental care; nightmare incubus
teach inculcate
officeholder incumbent
temporary invasion incursion
tireless indefatigable
make secure against loss; compensate for loss indemnify
bind as servant or apprentice to master indenture
charge indict
native indigenous
poor indigent
offensive or insulting treatment indignity
too certain to be disputed indisputable
write; compose indite
laziness indolence
unconquerable indomitable
beyond a doubt indubitably
humoring; yielding; lenient indulgent
unutterable; cannot be expressed in speech ineffable
unsuited; absurd; incompetent inept
relentless; unyielding; implacable inexorable
unerring infallible
notoriously bad infamous
conclusion drawn from data inference
very small infinitesimal
weakness infirmity
enlarged with air or gas inflated
flowing into influx
violation infraction
violate; encroach infringe
naive; young; unsophisticated ingenuous
ungrateful person ingrate
become popular with ingratiate
firmly established by nature or habit inherent
prohibit; restrain inhibit
unfriendly; hostile inimical
unjust; wicked iniquitous
hint inkling
inborn innate
harmless innocuous
change; introduction of something new innovation
hint; insinuation innuendo
unrestrained; excessive inordinate
not easily satisfied; greedy insatiable
incomprehensible; not to be discovered inscrutable
without feeling insensate
treacherous; stealthy; sly insidious
hint; imply insinuate
tasteless; dull insipid
haughty and comtemptuous insolent
bankruptcy; lack of ability to repay debts insolvency
wakefulness; inability to sleep insomnia
urge; start; provoke instigate
like an island; narrow-minded insular
insurmountable; invincible insuperable
rebellious insurgent
make whole; combine; make into one unit integrate
wholeness; purity; uprightness integrity
higher mental powers intellect
Created by: platypusguy
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