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Unit 20 / 8th Grade

conspiracy A secret plan to commit an unlawful act.
convert To change into another form,substance,or condition. To change from one use to another
controversy Argument;debate A lengthy public dispute between sides holding opposing views.
diversion Something that relaxes or entertains recreation The act or an example of drawing the attention to a different course,direction,etc.
diverse Distinct in kind; different.
invert To turn upside down.
inverse Opposite,as in affect or character.
introvert A person whose interest tends to center on his or her own inner thoughts and feelings rather than on other people and things.
transpire To happen; take place.
vice versa The reverse case being so; the other way around.
versatile Capable of doing many things well. Having varied uses or functions.
vertebra Any of the bones joined together to form the spinal column.
versus Against.
vertical Perpendicular to the plane of the horizon; directly upright.
expire To come to an end; terminate; cease to be effective.
extrovert A person interested mainly in other people or external circumstances rather than his or her own thoughts and feelings; an outgoing person.
advertisement A public notice, as in a newspaper or on the radio, to call attention to a product, a meeting, etc.
anniversary The yearly returning of the date of an event that happened in an earlier year.
aspire To have a great ambition; desire strongly.
adversary An opponent or enemy.
universal Extending to or affecting the whole world; worldwide. Of, for, done by, or affecting all.
respiration The process by which producers and consumers release stored energy from food molecules.
perspiration The salty moisture excreted through the skin by the sweat glands; sweat.
revert To return or go back to a former condition, belief, interest, or thought.
reverse The opposite or contrary of something.
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