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BACTRIM SULFONAMIDES Bacteriostatic Used often in combination with other antibiotics
Bactrim Side Effects Anemia, thrombocytopenia Photosensitivity Nausea/Vomiting, diahrrea Uriticaria
Penicillin G penicillin
Ancef Semisynthetic Related to penicillin Bactericidal
Erythromycin classification and effects macrolides N-V-D Hepatotoxicity Flatulence anorexia
Tetracycline effects Bacteriostatic action Effectiveness reduced by Dairy products Antacids Iron Will discolor teeth May slow fetal skeletal development Tetracycline Side Effects N-V-D Superinfection Pseudomembranous colitis
Gentamicin Aminoglycosides
Gentamicin effect Poor oral absorption No oral forms, only IV TOXICITY cautions Nephrotoxicity ototoxicity Bactericidal action
Ciprofloxacin Quinolones
Ciprofloxacin effects bactericidal Quinolone Side Effects HA N-V-D Allergic reaction Antacids interfere with absorption
Vancomycin use and effect Tx of MRSA Must monitor blood levels Caution: oto & nephro-toxic
Ketoconazole Azoles routinely used topically against athlete’s foot and vaginal yeast infection broad spectrum derivative used for systemic fungal infections.
ACYCLOVIR ANTIVIRAL DRUG Genital and oral herpes simplex infections & varicella-zoster (chickenpox and shingles).
Created by: ksoul6