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Rel Quiz #2 Guide

Religion 10- Study guide for Quiz #2 © 08/31/05 LG

WordWhat To KnowScripture/Year (If one)Section
Old Testament (pg. 27, n) 46 books. Covenant: Abraham & God. God promises Abraham descendants to # as the stars and a great nation. (blank) Scripture
New Testament (pg. 27, n) 27 books. Covenant: My homeboy, Jesus & God. Jesus dies for our sins. Yadda, yadda, yadda. (blank) Scripture
Gospels (p. 54-55) Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John (the Evangelists) Matthew (A.D. 70-85), Mark (Before A.D. 62-70), Luke (A.D. 70-85), and John (A.D. 90-100 or 110) Scripture
Catagories of N.T.(p. 51-53) & Description Gospels (stories of Jesus from 4 point of views), Acts of the Apostles (Christian expansion in the Roman world/growth of first Christian community), Letters (2 letters, or Epistles, written to a Christian communtiy or individuals), Revelation (final book) A.D. 57-100 (Lots of dates inbetween from Letters) Scripture
Evangelist (p.54, n.) gospel author (blank) Tradition
Tradition (p. 23, n.) the living and authentic transmission of the teaching of Jesus in the Church (blank) Tradition, of course
Gospel "godspel"= Good news (blank) Tradition
synoptic (p. 51) together; like synoptic Gospels = Gospels have a similar vision (blank) Tradition
Epistle (letter) (p. 53) twenty letters written; seven letters of the NT are called Catholic Epistles Letters Tradition
Biblical Inspiration (p. 24) the process by which God the Holy Spirit assited a human author in writing a book of the Bible (blank) Tradition
Biblical Inerrancy (p. 25) freedom from error (blank) Tradition
3 Stages of Gosepl Development (+ dates) 1.) Jesus life & teachings (5 BC-30 AD) 2.) Oral Tradition (30-65 AD) 3.) Written Tradition (65-95 AD) Written Tradition: Mk=65 AD LK=70's AD MT=70's AD & JH=90's AD Tradition
Canon (p. 27, n.) rooted in Greek word kanon, means "reed or measuring stick"; the sacred canon of Catholic Scripture is the meaning of authenticity that books are regarded to have as being revealed and inspired by God (blank) Tradition
Council of Carthage 397 AD (n) determined canon-authoritive list of the books in the bible (blank) Tradition
Latin Vulgate St. Jerome's translation of Hebrew and Greek scripture into Latin (blank) Tradition
Oral Tradition (n.) authentic interpreters of Divine Revelation (blank) Tradition
sola scripture means only scripture (blank) Tradition
Role of the Church in regards to Divine Revelation for the authenic interpretation of divine revelation (blank) Tradition
St. Jerome comissed to translate the old and new testaments in Latin (blank) Tradition
Created by: villanova