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Waves 9-13

Chapters 9-13: Waves, Sound, EM, Color, mirrors, lenses

All waves carry _____. Energy
Waves that need a medium to transfer energy are called _____. Mechanical
Waves that do not need a medium to travel are _____. What kind of wave? Electromagnetic, travel in transverse waves
The lowest point on a transverse wave is a _____. trough
The highest point on a transverse wave is a _____. crest
Sound waves require a _____ and travel in ____ waves. medium; compressional/longitudinal
The most energetic electromagnetic waves are the _____. Gamma Rays
_____occurs when light waves strike an object and bounce off. Reflection
Energy in a wave is measured by its _____. Amplitude
The speed of sound travels fastest in _____, then in _____, and then in ______. Solids, liquids, gases
If the frequency in a wave doubles, what happens to the wavelength? gets shorter by half
Sounds are produced by _______ particles. Vibrating
Low frequency in an electromagnetic waves means that it has a _______ wavelength. long
The color in the visible light spectrum with the highest frequency is _____. Purple (Violet)
Colors that we can see are _____(Reflected or absorbed). Reflected
What type of material does not allow light to pass through? Give an example. Opaque, example is a coffee mug
What type of material does allow light to pass through? Give an example. Transparent, wine glass
A smooth surface that reflects light to form an image is a _____. Mirror
Light is refracted and spread out by a ____ lens. Concave
Areas of a compressional wave that are spread out are called _____. Rarefactions
Light is refracted and forms a focal point in a _____ lens. Used to correct farsighted vision. Convex
If S=d/t, how long will it take a person to travel a distance of 10km at an average speed of 5 km/hr? t=d/S so t=2 hr
If a=(Vf-Vi)/t, what is the acceleration of a car that speeds up from 30 m/s to 50 m/s in 5 seconds? (50-30)/5 so a=4m/s2
The _______ is when you or the source of a sound is moving closer and it causes the sound waves to compress and the pitch gets higher. Doppler Effect
If W=F*d, how much work is done when you push a cart 6 meters using 20 Newtons of force? W=20 * 6, then W=120 Joules
If I=V/R, then how much current is flowing in a circuit with a 20-Volt battery and has a resistance of 20 ohms. I=1 Amp
Convert 0.79 meters to centimeters. 79 centimeters
Convert 750 millimeters to meters. 0.75 meters.
If V=frequency*wavelength, then what is the speed of a wave with a frequency of 22 Hz and a wavelength of 65cm? First, 65 cm equals 0.65m. Then, 22*.65= 14.3 m/s
Created by: kbordelon2