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Unit1 - Media Sector

Media Sectors and Audiences

Examples of digital media products from the film/video sector are: Films, Trailers, Documentaries, Animations, Corporate or training videos, Podcasts, Webisodes
Which of the following would use analogue technology FM radio
Two platforms that a producer could use to distribute a TV programme YouTube and DVD
What is meant by passive viewing? Consumer does not interact physically with the product or its content
Which is an example of a device that provides technological convergence. Games console
How can sound be used as a stylistic code to create meaning? Music, background, foley, Sound effects, Voiceover, Dialogue and Jingle
Give examples of regulators that are responsible for sectors within the creative media industry BBFC, ASA, PEGI, PCC and OFCOM
These are examples of a type of digital game RPG, First person, Strategy, Turn-based, Educational and Entertainment.
What is quantitative research? It is a type of research that uses methods such as surveys to measure audience response using numerical data.
Give examples of camera movement Pan, Tilt, Tracking, Dolly shot, Steadicam Handheld, Slow motion and Zoom.
These are examples of media sector industries Film, TV, Radio, Publishing, Digital games, Websites and Photography.
Which one of the following is a digital publishing product? TV drama, Radio news, Animation, E-Magazine e-Magazine
Identify production tasks when producing a digital game. Constructing levels, Constructing environments, Constructing characters, Combining elements, Creating audio and programming or coding.
Which one of the following would be considered part of the post-production process when making a music video? Editing shot footage, Designing a flyer, Recording video footage, Writing a script Editing shot footage.
Which one of the following would not be considered a pre-production activity when producing a radio programme: Developing ideas, Writing a radio drama, Recording sound effects, Pitching an idea Recording sound effects
What are the responsibilities of the BBFC? Classification of films, Advising the film industry, Classification of DVDs and videos, consult with the department of media and sport, Publish advice on film posters, Publish advice on DVD covers and Reviewing for offensive content
Give examples of a digital media product that can be consumed passively. TV and television, Radio broadcast, Film on a computer, Poster, Billboard, Flyer, Music products.
How can primary research be carried out? Using questionnaires, Focus groups, Product analysis.
How can secondary research be carried out? Using the internet, using libraries, using archives, using photographs, etc..
These are examples of a digital audio product. Audio book publishing, Digital games soundtrack, Podcast, Radio show, Digital download, Movie soundtrack, Audio guide and directors commentary.
Which one of the following is an example of a digital TV product? Poster, Website, Music video, E-newspaper Music video
These are examples of production tasks: Filming, Recording sound, Using lights, Directing action and Working as a runner
What type of process is editing recorded material from an interview Post-production.
What type of process is filming scenes Production
Why is is necessary to carry out risk assessments during pre-production? To ensure all hazards and dangers have been identified before the production process starts.
Which regulatory body is responsible for maintaining standards in advertising? ASA - Advertising Standards Authority.
What is an audience demographic? Gender, Age, Socio-economic background, Class, Race, Occupation, Income and Education.
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