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DDG RC Trivia 4


What animal has the highest blood pressure? the giraffe
Which country had the most casualties in WWII? the Soviet Union
In what country was the first highway? France (check this)
Which is the smallest and shallowest ocean? the Arctic
What is the smallest bird? the Bee Hummingbird
What was Ernest Hemmingway's first novel? The Sun Also Rises (1926)
What was Shakespeare's bloodiest book? MacBeth
What album was the Beatles first LP? Please Please Me
What mammal lives the longest? humans
On what show did the Jeffersons first appear? All in the Family
On what television show did a married couple first sleep together in the same bed? Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
What province of Canada has the most fresh water (some huge percent of world's fresh water)? Ontario
What year did the Berlin Wall come down? November 9, 1989
Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still exists? Great Pyramids
What was the occupation of the disciple Matthew? Tax collector
What political party was George Washington? Federalist
On what date did Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Adams die? July 4th
What country claims to have the teeth of Adolph Hitler? Russia
How did Socrates commit suicide? Hemlock
Created by: Garveydd
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