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DDG RC Trivia 1

In what State is the London Bridge now located? Arizona
What was the name of the first satellite? Sputnik
Who was the "Desert Fox" in WWII? Erwin Rommel
Who was the lowest paid star in "The Wizard of Oz"? Judy Garland
In which state is Mount Rushmore located? South Dakota
What is the commonest way to catch a cold? shaking hands
How many furlongs are there in a mile? 8
What is the most common mode of transportation? elevator
Who wrote "Dr. Zhivago" Boris Pasternak
How many bones are in the human body? 206
What animal lives the longest? the tortoise
What is the fastest land animal? cheetah
In the movie The Pink Panther, what was "The Pink Panther"? a diamond
What is the name of the horse in the song Jingle Bells Bobtail
What part of the body grows in size eight times when excited? the pupil
In what month is _____________ harvest? September or October
What is the second occurrence of a full moon in the same month called? a blue moon
What was the name of Pinochio's father? Giapetto
What is the "Eternal City"? Rome
What is room temperature, in farenheight? 68 degrees
What is the most common animal rats
On average people spend one year doing what? finding lost items
In a poll, what was the most favorite odor? bananas
What occurs most often in December? conceptions
What do these items have in common: bullet proof vest, fire escape, laser printer, windshield wiper? women created them
What elevates 26 chemicals in the body, men like to do strenuous and women like frequently and softly? kissing
What pharmaceutical was invented in 1960? the birth control pill
What do people do on average seven minutes per day? falling asleep.
What do forty percent of house guests do? snoop in the medicine cabinet
Who was the first actress on a postage stamp? Grace Kelly
What was the sister ship of the Titanic? RMS Olympic
What is the first number containing the letter "A"? One Thousand
What is the only food that does not spoil? honey
Where do women spend _____ minutes per day? in the bathroom
On what day are the most collect calls made? Father's Day
Created by: Garveydd
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