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world history

Cannae Hannibal defeated the Romans 216.bc
cicero Roman philosopher politician lawyer consal constalationlist
Ostia each of a number of pores in the wall of a sponge, through which water is drawn in.
Augustus octavian title of office given to rulers of the Roman Republic after octavian
Carthage an ancient city state in north africa founded by the phoenicians in the middle of the 9th century bc
Veto rejection of other decision
River- a stream of water that is flowing
Consul one of the two government in ancient rome
Checks and balances counterbalance influence by which an organization or system regulation
Remus legend of creation of rome was killed by his brother for making fun of his wall
Romana the term of peace imposed by ancient rome on its dominion
Etruria located north of rome where the etruscans lived
Latifundia A great estate in ancient rome based on farming
Sicily an island at the ‘’ toe of the boat of Italy
Antony roman politician
Caligula a member of the house of ruler conventionally known as the julio-claudian dynasty
Latins the language of ancient rome
Scipio roman general who defeated hannibal
Pax ong area of peace and safety in the roman empire
Aqueducts human built channels to carry water
Tiber River a river in central italy flowing through Rome into the mediterranean.
Julius Caesar Former Roman
Rubicon An act of winning a game
Hadrian He was a Roman Emperor from 117 to 138 known for building Hadrian’s wall
Currency System of money
Danube A river in central and SE Europe.
Rhine River One of the principal river of Europe rising in eastern Switzerland.
Actium The battle of action was the decisive confrontation of the Final war of the roman republic.
Tarquin's The ruling family was called this
Apennines Mountains that run all the way down the length of Italy from north to south
Dictator Oppressive ruler with complete control
Latium A plain where the Latins built the city of Rome.
Aeneas Sailed the Mediterranean Sea after the greeks captured Tray. Legend says he married a latin kings daughter and started Roma
Cincinnatus A roman aristocrat
Etruscans One of the two groups that joined Rome’s Civilization.
Praetor Important official who interpreted laws.
Patricians Wealthy landowners who made up the ruling class.
Triumvirate: In ancient Rome, a three- person rolling group.
Hannibal Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps and invaded Italy
Romulus Legend of the creation of Rome's.First king of Rome who killed his brot
Carthage A country on the coast of North Africa, was a powerful enemy of Rome. They had a great navy
Cannae At this city a battle took place during the Second Punic War. Hannibal defeated the Romans
Zama A north African area where the Battle of Zama took place. Roman General Scipio defeated the Carthaginians
Cincinnatus The best known early Roman dictator, led an army of men to defeat a powerful enemy
The Twelve Tables
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