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Spelling& Vocabulary


acknowledge To admit to be true; confess.
deliberately Carefully thought out and made or done on purpose.
dejectedly In low spirits; sad; discouraged.
vigorously Forcefully; powerfully; requiring great amounts of energy.
pantomime The use of gestures only, without words,in order to relay a message.
nonchalantly Not caring; not showing concern; casually.
cumbersome Hard to handle or deal with because of size,weight, or many parts.
destination The place that a person or thing is going to go.
leisurely Without hurrying; slow.
ultraviolet The invisible rays of light that help form vitamin D in plants and animals and can kill certain germs.
fanfare Any showy display.
ascend To go up; move upward; rise; climb.
mourn To be sad or show sorrow over someone's death or some other loss.
dispute To argue or discuss a question; debate or quarrel.
scornful Full of contempt. Looking down on someone or something.
forlorn Lonely and sad; unhappy and neglected.
ignorance Lack of knowledge or education.
listlessly Having no interest in what is happening because one feels sick, sad or tired.
perish To be destroyed or ruined. To die in a violent way or unexepectantly.
quest A hunt or a search; a journey in search of adventure.
sector A certain part of society, a group, etc.
petty Of little importance; small; minor.
loftily Exalted in rank, dignity or character.
hostile Unfriendly; of or like an enemy; warlike.
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