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Unit 19 / 7th Grade

triumphant Victorious:successful.
harmonious Marked by agreement and good will;friendlypleasing to the ear;melodious.
harmony Agreement in actions,ideas,etc;friendly relations.
dipose To get rid of.
diposition One's usual mood;temperament.
excel To be better than or superior to(others);surpass.
excellence The condition or quality of being excellent;superiority.
derive To obtain or originate from a source.
derivation Something that is derived.
inspiration Someone or something that inspires.
inspire To stimulate to creativity or action.
adapt To change or adjust for a certain purpose.
adaptation The act or process of changing, or adjusting to meet new conditions.
impose To take advantage of.
imposition Something imposed, as a tax or burden.
academic A school for a special field of study.
academy Of a school or college.
narrate To suppply the running commentary for a motion picture or other performance.
narrative A story of description; a narrated account.
variety Differing from one another;of several kind.
various A number of different kinds,usually within the same general grouping; an assortment.
gene A unit,located at a particular point on a chromosome,that controls or acts in transmission of a hereditary characteristic,from parents to offspring .
genetic Of,affecting,or affected by a gene or genes.
triumph To be victorious;win;prevail.
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