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Cardiac Drugs

Cardiac drugs

nitroglycerin isobid vasodilate to treat and prevent angina
adverse of nitroglycerin HA, hypotension, dizziness, N/V, flushing, tachy
Tenormin Lopressor vasodilates by interrupting beta 1 or 2 for angina
Lipitor Zocor blocks synthesis for cholesterol to decrease cholesterol
when is cholesterol synthesized at night
adverse of Lipitor/Zocor constipation
Questran inhibit or increase excretion of bile acid for high cholesterol
adverse of Question constipation
Lopid increase enzyme lipoprotein lipase for high cholesterol
Adverse lopid diarrhea
Zetia inhibits cholesterol absorption in small intestine for high cholesterol
Prinivil/Zestril Capoten ACE inhibitor for HEART FAILURE and HYPERTENSION
Adverse of ACE inhibitors hypotension, angioedema
Cozier/Diovan Block angiotensin 2 for HEART FAILURE AND HYPERTENSION
Natrecor increase CO in ACUTE HEART FAILURE
Adverse of Natrecor severe hypotension and dysrhythmias
Primacor inhibit phosphodiesterase enzyme for ACUTE HEART FAILURE
Primacy adverse severe hypotension and dysrhythmias
Lanoxin slow rate increasing CO for HEART FAILURE AND TACHY
adverse of Lanoxin bradycardia
What do you give if Lanoxin becomes toxic? Digibind
Quinidine/Pronestyl/Norpace Sodium channel blockers for SUPRAVENTRICULAR/VENTRICULAR ARRYTHMIAS
Adverse of Quinidine tinnitus
Adverse Pronestyl blood disorders and lupus
adverse Xylocaine bradycardia, hypotension
Rythmol Tambocor decrease conduction o ventricles in VENTRICULAR ARRYTHMIAS
Inderal Brevibloc Betapace Beta blockers that treat SUPRAVENTRICULAR TACHYCARDIA
Calan Cardiazem calcium channel blockers to prevent SUPRAVENTRICULAR DYSRHYTHMIAS AND HYPERTENSION
adverse Calan and Cardiazem nausea, leg cramps, hypotension, bradycardia
Adenocard slows conversion of PSVT for the OCCASIONAL RAPID HEART RATE
Important thing to remember for Adenocard 10 second half life.... PUMP IT FASTER C'MON... causes asystole for a time
What is the first line of treatment for HTN thiazide diuretics
Diuretics decreases preload for HTN
Lasix loop diuretic for HTN, PULMONARY EDEMA, EDEMA
Loop diuretic increase water excretion by blocking the reabsorption of Na and Cl in loop of Henle
Adverse of Loop diuretics (Lasix) hypokalemia, dehydration
Aldactone potassium sparing diuretics for HTN,
Hydrodiuril Thiazide diuretic for HTN AND HEART FAILURE
Thiazide diuretics do? decrease reabsorption
Adverse of Hydrodiuril dehydration, electrolyte imbalance
What are the calcium channel blockers? Procardia Norvasc Cardizem
What do calcium channel blockers do? inhibit calcium from entering channels... VASODILATION
What do calcium channel blockers treat? Procardia, Norvasc, Cardizem HTN, ANGINA, RAYNAUD'S
What do you have to remember about calcium channel blockers? no grapefruit juice
What are the adverse effects of Ca channel blockers? Procardia, Norvasc, Cardizem hypotension, flushing, lower edema
Nipride Apresoline causes vasodilation for HTN EMERGENCIES
Adverse effects of vasodilators tachycardia
What is the anti platelet drug? Plavix
What is Plavix used for? prevent MI, CVA, and STENT
What are the anticoagulants? heparin, lovenox, arixtra, coumadin
What do you need to monitor with heparin? PTT
What does coumadin interfere with? vitamin K
What do thrombolytics do? Activase dissolve clots for ACUTE MI, STROKE, PE
What are the adrenergic agents? epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, phenylephrine
What do adrenergic agents do? widespread action in emergencies for CARDIAC ARREST, HYPOTENSION, BRONCHOSPASM ANAPHYLAXIS, HEART FAILURE, BLEEDING
Adverse effect of adrenergic agents arrhythmia, hypertension, palpitations, angina, nervousness
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