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Endocrine Drugs

Sandostatin inhibit GH in acromegaly
Cortrosyn stimulates secretion of cortisol for addison's disease
Addison's disease body doesn't produce enough adrenal hormones specifically cortisol
Humatrope promotes growth in children with delayed growth
Vasopressin MAJOR VASOCONSTRICTOR (increase water absorption) Not enough ADH --> severe hypotension, shock and diabetes insipidus
What do you need to watch for with vasopressin? water intoxication
Signs of water intoxication chest pain, MI, high BP, abnormal cramps
When does diabetes insipidus occur? after head injury
Pitocin induces labor (promotes uterine contraction)
What do you need to watch for with pitocin? uterine rupture
What are the three corticosteroids of the endocrine system? solu-medrol, decagram, and decadron
What do the corticosteroids do? (solu-medrol, decadrom, decadron) maintain homeostasis (anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, anti-allergic, anti-stress)
Adverse reaction of corticosteroids (solu-medrol, decadrom, decadron) moon face, obese trunk with thin extremities, hyperglycemia (psychosis) paper thin skin, puffy
Synthroid stimulate metabolism after hypothyroidism, myxedema coma
PTU suppresses thyroid hormone for HYPERTHYROIDISM
Radioactive iodine produces rays to destroy thyroid tissue for HYPERTHYROIDISM
graves disease hyperthyroidism
Lugol's solution inhibit release of thyroid hormone for HYPERTHYROIDISM
Calcium carbonate Hypocalcemia -- osteoporosis
What determines calcium levels? PTH
What therapy does a hypocalcemic patient need? calcium replacement and Vit D
Calcium gluconate hypocalcemia
Fosamax stops breakdown of bone treating osteoporosis
Nursing implications for FOSAMAX irritates the esophagus so sit up for 30 min after taking it! (YOU NEED TO FLOSS TO THE MAX... ALL THE WAY IN YOUR ESOPHAGUS... BITCH)
evista osteoporosis (black box warning!!)
calcitonin (nasal spray) osteoporosis
neutra-phos increases calcium in bones... hypercalcemia
Humalog type 1 diabetes (and some type 2)
Adverse effect of humalog hypoglycemia
humalin regular insulin (hyperglycemia in ICU or DKA)
NPH insulin
Levimer insulin with no risk for hypoglycemia
Created by: kelseystein