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Pain and Inflammatio

Drug and what it treats

aspirin pain, fever, inflammation, reduce clots, MI, stroke
tylenol pain and fever
ofirmev post op pain and fever
ibuprofen fever, pain, inflammation, arthritis, menstrual cramps
Indocin strong anti-inflammatory
aleve pain, fever, inflammation
toradol post op severe pain
celebrex arthritis
zyloprim gout
lyrica fibromyalgia
opioids in general MI (vasodilation), burns, trauma, post-op, acute pain
morphine acute pain
fentanyl anesthesia pain relief
fentanyl (duragesic) chronic or terminal patients
oxycontin acute pain (oxycodone)
Percodan acute pain (oxycodone with ASA)
Percocet acute pain (oxycodone with tylenol)
Dilaudid PCA pump for pain
darvon acute pain
Codeine acute pain (combined with tylenol)
Norco acute pain (hydrocodone with tylenol)
Demerol acute pain (synthetic)
Tramadol chronic pain (synthetic)
Narcan reverse anesthesia
Stadol reduce abuse
Nubain reduce abuse
Dolophine opiod addiction, cancer pain
4 types of NSAID ibuprofen, indocin, aleve, toradol
Adverse of tylenol hepatic failure, nephrotoxicity
Benefit of tylenol NO GI UPSET
adverse of ASA GI and BLEEDING
negative of celebrex BLACK BOX -- <3
What do you have to remember with zyloprim? Low purine diet! (anchovies, sardines, game meats, organ meats, yeast)
Adverse of Lyrica tiredness, dizziness, N/V
What do opioids do? bind to the receptors in the CNS causing inhibition of ascending nerve pathways
Biggest thing to look out for with OPIOIDS? sedation!
Adverse effect of dilaudid sedation
adverse effect of codeine nausea, vomitting
adverse effect of demerol seizures and hallucinations
adverse effect of narcan increased heart rate and withdrawal symptoms
What is the benefit to dolphine? longer acting than morphine
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