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new ss test


what was the declaratory act? The declaratory act was a law passed by Parliament that stated Parl. can make ANY laws or taxes for the colonies and they HAVE to accept them.(1766)
Townshend acts were created by________to________. champagne Charlie Townshend. the British Army
What did the townshend acts tax? Tea, glass, paint and paper.
Who wrote a protest letter to Townshend about the acts and what did it say? Samuel Adams(revolutionary protester) wrote that the new laws went against the rights of colonists as British People. Also, to boycott British goods.
What item was the Townshend acts not repealed for? tea
List some ways Bostonians and soliders didn't get along. argued, threw things(snowballs, ice), yelled threats and names(we will get rid of them, bloodybacks or lobsterbacks)
What were the events of the Boston Massacre(march 5, 1770) in order? rocks+ice balls, shouting, soldier knocked over, 5 men shot+many injured, threats to soldiers
How did Sam Adams benefit from the massacre? What did Paul Revere do? Sam Adams gained supporters and made the redcoats look bad. Paul Revere was a silversmith who engraved a picture of innocent people being attadcked by soldiers.
After the massacre, what did Patriots think should happen to soldiers? what about loyalists? pats thoguht they should be removed, only causing more trouble. Loys thought mroe soldiers should come, they were preventing trouble.
what was John Adams role in the massacre? J. A.'s role was to be the redcoats lawyer. Everyone knew it was a fair trial because he is such a good lawyer.
Created by: jlesnick
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