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5'S OR 4'S

Theme The moral or lesson the author wants the reader to learn from text
Infer Information from the text using using the detailsfro the story and your own prior knowledge .
Explain To make something clear through details .
Main Idea What the text is mostly about .
Opinion Something that someone believes or thinks .
Fact Something that can be proven .
Amends To make up for wrongdoing
Bicker To argue
Rectify To make something right .
Squabble To argue over an unimportant matter .
Discourteous Rude or impolite .
Uncouth Ill mannered .
Historic Well known or important in history .
Pilgrim A person who journeys to a specific place on a journey .
Poverty Have a little or no money , goods , or support .
Thanksgiving An expression of thanks , especially to god .
Autumn A season between summer and winter
Dis- not / opposite
Anti- against
Micro- small
Mis- wrong
Multi- many
Inter- between or among
Non- Not
Over- To much
Post- After
Bi- To
Co- together
pre- before
pro- favorite
re- again
Created by: SAKURALOVER101