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Bus&Soc CH2

Bus&Soc 8th ed

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) an organization formed to fill an urgent need for a national business alliance that fosters socially responsible corporate policies
community obligations voluntary work to improve, beautify, and uplift a community
corporate citizenship the array of collective concepts related to CSR
corporate social performance (CSP) model a conceptual framework that integrates corporate social responsibilities, modes of responsiveness, and the social or stakeholder issues involved
corporate social responsibility (CSR) the impact of a company's actions on society
corporate social responsiveness an action-oriented variant of Corporate Social Responsibility that describes a business' willingness and activity in responding to social demands
corporate sustainability the goal of the trip bottom-line approach to business, in which companies create enduring shareholder value within economic, social, and environmental spheres
economic responsibility the expectation that companies produce goods and services that society wants and sells them fairly while allowing for a sufficient profit
ethical responsibility the scope of norms, standards, values, and expectations that reflect what consumers, employees, shareholders, and the community regard as fair, just, and consistent with respect for or protection of stakeholders' moral rights
global corporate citizenship a business' responsibility of exercising rights and duties within and across national and cultural borders
legal responsibility the laws under which society and businesses are expected to operate
paternalism a paternal display of social responsibility
philanthropic responsibility voluntary or discretionary activities guided by the public expectation that businesses "give back"
philanthropy business contribution to charity and other worthy causes
pyramid of corporate social responsibility a graphic representation of the four components of CSR: Economic, Legal, Ethical, Philanthropic responsibilities
socially responsible or ethical investing an approach to investing in which social or ethical considerations influence investment decisions
stages of corporate citizenship A five-stage model for describing the development of companies of corporate citizens: Elementary, Engaged, Innovative, Integrated, Transforming
sustainability a measure of a business' ability to endure in a particular sphere
triple bottom-line a business perspective that encompasses economic, social, and environmental spheres of sustainability
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