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Fun Science!

Enjoy these to study your science!:D

Electrical Energy The energy of powered electrons.
Heat/thermal Energy The energy of HEAT.
Mechanical Energy Energy of MOVEMENT.
Solution Two or more substances that are evenly MIXED.
Solid State of matter where the particles are together.
Liquid State of matter where particles take the form of their container.
Gas State of matter where particles are far apart.
State of matter A solid, liquid, or gas.
Sound Energy Energy of VIBRATIONS.
Insulator An object that STOPS the flow of energy.
Conductor An object that lets energy flow.
Density The ability for an object to sink or float.
Newtons A measurement used to measure FORCE.
Grams A measurement that measures WEIGHT.
Centimeters and inches Measurements used to measure HEIGHT/LENGTH.
Solar Energy Energy from the Sun.
Erosion The MOVEMENT of objects by wind, water, and/or ice.
Weathering The BREAKING of objects by wind, water, and/or ice.
Sir Issac Newton Scientist that made the Laws of Gravity.
Solubility The ability to dissolve in a liquid.
Galileo Scientist that invented the telescope and studied Astronomy.
Solute The object that can dissolve easily in a liquid.
Magnetism The property of attracting to a magnet.
Marie Curie French physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for investigations in radiation.
George Washington Carver African-American scientist who developed 100 industrial uses for peanuts, peanut butter, and soybeans.
Created by: Nate1