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Chapter 5

By: Andrea M, Maria B, Yesenia M, Jorge j

Tablet Solid Dosage Forms, of varying weight, size, and shape, which may be molded or compressed, and which contain a medicinal substance in pure or diluted form.
Enteric-Coated Tablet Tablets coated with material that delays release of the medication until after they leave the Stomach
Pill A small, globular mass of soluble material containing a medicinal substance to be swallowed
Plaster A solid preparation that can be spread when heated and that becomes adhesive the temperature of the body
Capsule A solid dosage form in which the drug is enclosed in either a hard or soft shell of soluble material.
Caplet A tablet shaped like capsule .
Gelcap An oil-based medication that is enclosed in a soft gelatin capsule.
Powder A dry mass of minute separate particles of any substance.
Granule A very small pill, usually gelatin- or sugar-coated, containing a drug to be given in small dose.
Troche or Lozenge A small disk shaped tablet composed of solidifying paste containing an astringent
Suppository A small solid body shaped for ready introduction into one of the orifices of the body other than the oral cavity.
Ointment A semisolid preparation that usually contains medicinal substance and is intended for external application
Cream A semisolid emulsion of either the oil in water type ordinary intended for topical use
Gel : a colloid in a more solid form than a sol
Lotion A semisolid. Preparation for external use
Paste A topical semisolid formulation contacting a pharmacologically active ingredient in a fatty base
Syrup A liquid predation in a concentrated aqueous solution of the sugar used for medicinal purposes
Solution A liquid dosage form in which active ingredients are dissolved in the liquid vehicle.
Spirit An alcoholic or hydroalahoilic solution of volatile substances
Elixir A clear sweetened hydro alcoholic liquid for oral use
Tincture An alcoholic solution prepared form vegetable materials or from chemical substance ps
Fluidextract A pharmacopeil liquid predation of vegetable drug,
Liniment A liquid preparation for external use, usually applied by friction to the skin.
Emulsion A system containing two liquids that cannot be mixed together
Mixture & Suspension In pharmacy, a preparation, consisting of a liquid holding an insoluble medicinal substance in suspension by means of acacia, sugar, or some ot
Aromatic Water A mixture of distiller water with an aromatic volatile water
spray A jet of liquid in fine drops, coarser than a vapor; it is produced by forcing the liquid from the minute opening of an atomizer, mixing it with air.
Sublingual Pertaining to the area under the tongue
Buccal Pertaining to the inside of the cheek
Parenteral Administration by some means other than through the gastrointestinal tract.
Ampule A sealed glass container that usually contains a single dose of medicine.
Intradermal Injection Between the layers of the skin
Subcutaneous Injection The administration of medication by means of a needle and syringe into the layer of fat and blood vessels beneath the skin.
Intramuscular Injection Inside a muscle normally used in the context of an injection given into a muscle
Intravenous Injection Into a vein most commonly used in the context of an injection given directly into a vein
Topical Pertaining to a drug that us applied to the surface of the body.
Inhalation the act or an instance of inhaling; specifically : the action of drawing air into the lungs by means of a complex of essentially reflex actions that involve changes in the diaphragm and in muscles of the abdomen
Ophthalmic Administration Drops and ointments instilled into the eye are generally absorbed slowly and affect only area in contact.
Otic Route Localized infection or inflammation of the ear is treated by dropping a small amount of a strike medicated solution in the ear.
Nasal Route Nasal solution act locally to treat minor congestion or infection
Vaginal Route Vaginal suppositories, tablets, dreams, and fluid solution are used to treat local infections,
Rectal Route Are useful if the patient is nauseated, vomiting, or unconscious.
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