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5S, Wastes, DMAIC

Idle time that occurs when codependent events are not synchronized. Waiting
Any material movement that does not directly support immediate production. Transportation
Redundant effort (production or communication) which adds no value to a product or service Extra Processing
Any movement of people which does not contribute added value tp a product or service. Motion
Any repair or rework of a product or service conducted to fulfill customer requirements. Poor 'Quality'
Any supply in excess of process or demand requirements. Inventory
Producing more than is needed, faster than is needed or before it is needed. Overproduction
Only keep what is needed in the work area. When in doubt, move it out. Sort
A place for everything and everything in its place. Leads to orderliness and requires attention to detail to ensure everything is returned to its designated place. Set in Order
Clean and clear work area of sources of mess and disorder. Housekeeping efforts, improving work area appearance and preventive housekeeping (preventing the area from getting dirty) Shine
Everyone in the work area is involved and doing things the same way. Work areas and techniques should be standardized wherever possible. Standardize
To achieve the 5S culture change, 5S has to be ingrained into the organization by everyone, at all levels Sustain
A team is chartered and they define the problem to be tackled D, Define
Set up macro measures needed to determine team progress and the process and product measures needed for data analysis to identify and address root cause. M, Measure
The team studies and evaluates data to get to the root cause of the problem A, Analyze
Develop solutions and determine the best solution to implement in a timely and cost efficient manner. I, Improve
Ensure that the solution actually works and is a robust solution. Build procedures and look to transfer the solution to other similar processes. C, Control
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