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Imaging1 chap10

Imaging1. chap 10 FILTRATION

Filtration is eleminating undesirable low energy photons by insertion of absorbing materials into the primary beam
Significant soft tissue penetration occurs between ___ and ___ keV. 30-40, less than that will not have enough energy to exit the patient and contribute to the image so they are undiserable.
Aluminum is the standard filtering material, all filtration can be expressed in terms of the thickness of ? aluminum equivalency (Al/Eq)
Filtration is expressed in terms of what? Half Value Layer (HVL)
HVL is? amount of absorbing material that will reduce the intensity of the primary beam to one half its original value.
Inherent filtration? Added? inherent- in the design of the tube added- between the tube and IR
A typical x-ray tube might have a total inherent filtration of what? .5-1.0 mm Al/Eq
Aluminum atomic #? 13
Collimators average _____ Al/Eq, most of which comes from the what? 1.0 mm Al/Eq. the silver on the mirror situated in the beam.
A compound filter is aka? K-edge filters.
Compound filters place the _____ material closest to the tube and the _____ material closest to the patient. highest atomic number, lowest
Thoraeus filter combines... Tin, copper, and aluminum. In that order.
Compound filter. The _____ keV K-shell characteristic radiation produced by the aluminum filter is absorbed in the air between the filter and the patient. 1.5 keV
Two most popular compensating filters? Wedge and trough. Increase kVp by 8-10 when using them
Total filtration is? The sum of inherent and added filtration.
Recommended minimum total filtration levels: Below 50 kVp= 0.5 mm aluminum 50-70 kVp= 1.5 mm aluminum Above 70kVp= 2.5 mm aluminum ON registry
Created by: Zoest35