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drivers permit

things to study to get my permit

if yoour license has been expired for more then 1 year but less then 5 years you must pass what 2 tests before applying for a new license? knowlege test, and a vision test
you can obtain a license by passing the knolege and vision tests if your moving to Minnesota from where? another state, Certain U.S territories, and Canada.
You have up to _ days after beoming a resident to obtain your regular License or permit..but up to _ days with a commercial license. 60, and 30.
what v3 tests must you pass if you are moving to Minnesota from a country other than the United States Or canada a knowledge test, a vision test, and a road test no matter what.
You will not be eligible to recieve your drivers license until you present all other driver's license and minneosta identification cards in your possession to the Department Of_____ Public safety.
You may drive a car on public roads in Minnesota w/o a valid Minneosta drivers lecense or permit,if you are a nonresident who is at least 30 years of age ..t or f F. you have to be atleast 15years old and have in your possession a valid driver's license issued to you in your home state or country..
You may drive a car on public roads in Minnesota w/o a valid Minnesota License or permit if you havev become a resident of Minnesota and have a valid driver's license issued by _____,____,____. another state, a Canaadian province or U.S military authority..
you have ___days after becoming a resident to obtain your regular Minnesota license 60 days
if you have a valid commercial license from another state, you have__ days after becoming a Minnesota resident to obtain your commercial Minnesota license. 30 days
You can drive a car on public roads if you are not a resident , at least 18yrs old and your home country doesn't require license, and the vehicle you drive is restered for the current year in your home country..you may legally drive for no more then _days 90 days on any calendar year w/oa valid license or permit.
name 5 reasons a permit will not be issued to you. 1.you fail to present proper identification.2.your unable to read and understand road signs or state traffic laws.3.your under 15years old4. your license is cancelled5.a court has ruled you to be mentally incompitent.
name the thing you need to take the knoledge and road tests 1st,middle,and last name, and date of birth...but proper identification..
Vanessa's law states what? an unlicensed teen driver w/ a crash related moving violation or a alcohol/controlled subtance-relation violation cant be given a permit of license until 18 years of age.
to get your class D license you must.. be 18. or have your provisional licesnse for at least 12 consecutive months w/ no convictions for alcohol violations,crash-related violations, and have not had more then one conviction for a moving virolation that's not crash rlated.
what is the most common license for MN drivers? class D
Created by: tootsi_24