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vol 1 personnel fund

fundamentals, systems, and rediness functions

The mission of the MPE is to provide quality personnel support to commanders, air force members and their families through? administration of personnel programs (URE)
Which MPE services AFRC GSUs that do not report to RSGs? Reserve MPE that services the parent wing and group. (Self test)
The agency thay is the focal point for traslating all military personnel policy programs? MPE (URE)
When is it acceptable for the MPE to be closed during normal duty hours? Closures may take place only if they are approved by the installation commander and thoroughly advertised to the serviced population. (Self test)
Active duty MPE service all active duty Air Force members collcated on? An installation with a host command MPE. (URE)
MPE may close customer service funtions during duty hours for in-house training if the closure is approved and advertised by? The installation commander. (URE)
MPE is aligned under? The FSS force support squadron. (URE)
How often should a MPE conduct a SAV ro the CSS? Annualy. (Self test)
Who serves as the resource manager for equaitable 3S0X1 personnel to the host units? The MPE commander or superitendent. (Self test)
When is a unit normally considered to be a GSU? When it is not within one hours driving time of its servicing MPE. (Self test)
Whe a limiting factor is discovered thay compromises the CSS the actions that must be taken are? Inform the MPE commander of the date discovered, the persons contacted, nature of the problem and get well date if known. (Self test)
Who does the SPA provide support? To all collocated Air Force personnel. (Self test)
When is a GSU authorized? Through mutual agreement of the MPE and GSU commander. (Self test)
A joint mission is the employment of forces of? Two or more services in coordinated action toward a common mission. (URE)
The MPE accomplishes all personnel actions where personnel are? Not assigned to a GSU and the GSU has no administrative capability. (URE)
What agencies must the MPE report any functional personnel problems? MAJCOM and ASFPC/DPSFM (URE)
A request to establish an Air Force Reserve (AFRC) satellite personnel activity (SPA) must be submitted by or through the? Numbered Air Force (NAF) or HQ AFRC. (URE)
Joint doctrine allowsx commanders and their staff to focus solving problems in areas such as tactical, operational and? Strategic. (URE)
MPE conduct annual SAV to CSS to? Evaluate status of training and compliance with personnel programs. (URE)
Who is resposible for developing overall mobilization planning policy? HAF Headquarters Aif Force. (Self test)
Who establishes policy guidance for efficiently and accurately deploying military and civilian personnel? Director of military personnel policy. (Self test)
What Air Force publication contains the duties, responsibilities, specialty description and assigned AFSCs for all enlisted AFSs? AFMAN 36-2108 Enlisted classification. (Self test)
What are the MPEs resposibilities durning periods of increased rediness? Provide the full range of personnel services to military personnel and their family members until directed otherwise by HQ USAF or AFPC/DPWRC. (Self test)
Who is reponsible for insuring PERSCO are equaitably distributed? MPE commander. (URE)
Activites normally focused on the individual, rather than the unit or organization is? Not considered a wartime function. (URE)
creation of force status information for the wartime function of personnel accountability depends heavily on? Force manpower requirements. (URE)
Performs personnel action is an example of? Personnel Journeyman duty.
Personnel support is defined as? One of the 5 categories of basic personnel functions.
Maintaining forces in place at adequate levels to meet mission requirements includes what factors? Force sustainment. (Self test)
GSU stands for? Geographically separated Unit.
To maintain the legal, fiscal, and informational needs of the USAF memebers is the definition of? Personal support.
Why is the UPRG considerd a system of records? Because it contains two elements: Personal identifier ( name and SSN) and at least one item of personal info. (Self test)
What two elements does the UPRG contain? Name and social.
When may the Air Force disclose a record to a person outside the DOD? When the subject agrees orally or in writing. (Self test)
What does DoD policy stand for? Department of Defense.
What does the DoD policy allow memebers to correct or ammend? Their records.
The PA of 1974 is? The Privacy Act
When disclosing to a third party do you need concent for a members base pay? No.
What is the form you would use to record end of day security checks? SF Form 701. (URE)
Is Tearing an authorized method of distruction for a classified document? No.
What item must be signed when persons have been granted the appropriate clearance? Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement.
Within how many work days for the date of dispatch would you normally take follow up action if the AF Form 12, Accountable Container Reciept has not returned? 14 workdays from dispatch.
when you discover discrepancies as you process incomming accountable communications you must? Notify the sender immediatly. (URE)
The two officials whpo must destroy Top Secret documents are? Distruction official and witnessing official. (URE)
When information is entered into the system collect directly from the individual in order to preclude and adverse deteriminations about and individuals? Rights, benefits, or privileges. (URE)
What is the purpose of the container numbers? When using a cotainer number you can trace the container from the dispatching activity throught BITS and on to the addressee. (self test)
Why do all classified documents have markings and annotaions? To warn the holder of the presence of classified information. (Self test)
What do you do when you receive accountable mail? inspect the container for evidence of tampering, compare its number with the number listed on the container reciept and check the contents against the enclosed AF Form 310 or authorized reciept form. (SElf Test)
What is AF Form 143? Top Secret Register Page.
What is AF Form 12? Accountable Container Reciept.
What does BITS stand for? Base Information Transfer Systems.
How long do you keep signed AF Form 12s for? 2 years then destroy them.
Every classified item must be marked to show what? The highest classificaton of information it contains.
What is SF form 702? Security Container Check Sheet.
What advantage do you have whe n using MilPDS to inquire folders? The ability to custimize the folder to only data you want to see. (Self test)
What does the F7 functin key do? To enter query mode. (Self test)
What does the F8 function key do? To execute the query. (Self test)
When performing group queries, what list would you us to select your option? List of values. (Self test)
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