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RAD456: Reg. Review

ARRT Registry Review: Radiation Protection

What percentage of public exposure to ionizing radiation is from medical sources? 50% Lange Q&A pg. 125
What cell type has the greatest radiosensitivity in the adult human body? Lymphocytes Lange Q&A pg. 125
The unit used to express kinetic energy released in matter? Kerma Lange Q&A pg. 126
What is the established annual occupational dose-equivalent limit for the lens of the eye? 150 mSv Lange Q&A pg. 126
Occupational radiation monitoring is required when it is possible that the individual might receive more than how much radiation? 1/10 of the annual dose limit Lange Q&A pg. 126
Irradiation of water molecules within the body and their resulting breakdown is termed? Radiolysis Lange Q&A pg. 126
The x-ray interaction with matter that is responsible for the majority of scattered radiation reaching the image receptor is what type? Compton scatter Lange Q&A pg. 127
Each time an x-ray beam scatters, its intensity at 1 m from the scattering object is what fraction of its original intensity? 1/1,000 Lange Q&A pg. 127
The most radiosensitive portion of the GI tract is what? Small bowel Lange Q&A pg. 129
The annual dose limit for occupationally exposed individuals is valid for what types of radiation? Beta, x-rays, and gamma radiations Lange Q&A pg. 129
What unit of measure is used to express ionizing radiation dose to biologic material? Rem (Sv) Lange Q&A pg. 130
What is the term used to describe x-ray photon interaction with matter and the transference of part of the photon's energy to matter? Scattering Lange Q&A pg. 129
The reduction in the intensity of an x-ray beam as it passes through material is termed? Attenuation Lange Q&A pg. 130
What type of dose-response relationship represents radiation-induced leukemia and genetic effects? Linear, nonthreshold Lange Q&A pg. 131
A dose of 25 rad to the fetus during the seventh or eighth week of pregnancy is likely to cause what? Neurologic anomalies Lange Q&A pg. 131
Late effects of radiation, whose incidence is dose related and for which there is no threshold dose, are referred to as? Stochastic/probabilistic Lange Q&A pg. 131
According to NCRP regulations, leakage radiation from the x-ray tube must not exceed what? 100 mR/h Lange Q&A pg. 131
According to the NCRP, the annual occupational dose-equivalent limit (50 rem) to the thyroid, skin, and extremities is equal to how many mSv? 500 Lange Q&A pg. 132
The amount of time that x-rays are being produced and directed toward a particular wall is referred to as the what? Use factor Lange Q&A pg. 133
The SSD in mobile fluoroscopy must be at least how far? A minimum of 12 inches Lange Q&A pg. 135
The automatic exposure device that is located immediately under the x-ray table is the? Ionization chamber Lange Q&A pg. 135
What is the effect on RBE as LET increases? As LET increases, RBE increases. Lange Q&A pg. 135
An optically stimulated luminescence dosimeter contains what type of detector? Aluminum oxide Lange Q&A pg. 136
The photoelectric effect is an interaction between an x-ray photon and what? Inner shell electron Lange Q&A pg. 136
Filters used in radiographic x-ray tubes generally are composed of what? Aluminum Lange Q&A pg. 136
Primary radiation barriers must be at least how high? 7 feet Lange Q&A pg. 137
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