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RADT 465

Radiation Protection

What does B.E.R.T. stand for? Background equivalent radiation time (Pg.9)
Reddening of the skin due to radiation is? Radiodermatitis (pg.54)
The unit for measuring radiation exposure to the skin? Skin erythema dose (pg.55)
What are acute or early effects also referred to as? Somatic effects (pg. 55)
When do somatic effects occur? Within mins, hrs, days or weeks after exposure (pg.55)
What are long term effects of radiation also known as? Late somatic effects (pg. 55)
What does rem stand for? Radiation/Roentgen equivalent man (pg. 56)
What is the effective dose? The energy that is deposited in the biological tissues by ionizing radiation (pg. 56)
What SI unit is used for EfD? Sieverts (pg. 57)
What traditional unit is used for EfD? rem (pg. 57)
What is the SI unit for the absorbed dose? Gray (pg. 58)
What is the absorbed dose? Amount of energy for a unit of mass absorbed by an irradiated object (pg. 60)
What does Rad refer to? Radiation absorbed dose in traditional units (pg. 62)
What is the equivalent dose? The average dose in a tissue or organ (pg. 64)
The radiation weighting factor is associated with which type of dose? Equivalent dose (pg.64)
The tissue weighting factor is associated with which type of dose? Effective dose (pg.65)
What unite of measurement measures the radiation in air? Roentgen (pg.67)
Wear should a technologist wear their personal dosimeter when wearing a lead apron? Outside the apron at the collar level of the anterior surface of their body (pg. 71)
How much more radiation does the head, neck and eyes recieve in comparison to the trunk of the body? 10-20 times the exposure (pg.72)
What type of detector does an OSL badge contain? Aluminum oxide (pg.78)
Which type of dosimeter is most sensitive? Pocket ionization chamber (pg. 80)
What type of dosimeter uses lithium fluoride (LiF)? Thermoluminescent dosimeter (pg. 82)
Which stage of cell division does radiation damage the chromosome? Metaphase (pg. 154)
A technologist should use high kvp and low mas to reduce patient dose. True (pg. 253)
What is the minimum thickness of a protective apron? 0.25mm thickness of lead equivalent (pg.291)
What is the minimum thickness of a thyroid shield? 0.5mm thickness of lead equivalent (pg. 291)
What is the minimum thickness of the lining on protective eyewear? 0.35mm (pg.291)
When do nonstochastic (deterministic) somatic effects appear? Within a few minutes (pg.141)
Name the stages of acute radiation syndrome? Prodromal, latent, manifest, death/recovery (pg. 142)
Reference: Sherer, Mary A.S., Visconti, Paula J., Ritenour, E. Russell. 2011. Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography. 6th Ed. Mosby Inc. Maryland Heights, MO
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