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RADT 465 RAD Protect

ARRT registry review covering radiation protection

What does the linear threshold curve show? responses that are proportional to the radiation dose received only after some particular dose is received (Radiography Prep pg 235)
What is the linear non-threshold curve used to illustrate? responses such as radiation induced leukemia, cancer, and genetic effects (Radiography Prep pg 235)
What are early effects of radiation? responses that occur very soon after exposure and are usually as a result of high dose in short period of time (Radiography Prep pg 236)
What are late effects of radiation? can appear years after exposure: carcinogenesis, cataractogenesis, embryologic effect, and lifespan shortening (Radiography Prep pg 236)
According to the Law of Bergonie' and Tribondeau, what tissue are considered radiosensitive? Stem cells, young, immature cells, and highly mitotic cells (Radiography Prep pg 238)
What are some ways to reduce risk to recently fertilized ovum? elective scheduling/ 10-day rule, patient questionnaire, and posting (Radiography Prep pg 242)
What are somatic effects of radiation? affect the irradiated body itself (Radiography Prep pg 245)
What are the stages of Acute Radiation Syndrome? Prodromal, latent, manifest illness, and recovery or death
What are the cardinal rules of radiation protection? time, distance, and shielding (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 539)
Where does a technologist receive the majority of their occupational dose? Fluoroscopy (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 544)
What are some types of fluoroscopic protection features? Source-to-skin distance, primary protective barrier, filtration, collimation, exposure control, bucky slot cover, protective curtain, cumulative timer, and dose area product (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 550-552)
What is the recommended yearly occupational dose limit for radiologic personnel? 0.5 Sv/yr (5000 mrem/yr) (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 582)
Extremity monitoring must be provided for interventional radiologists. True or false? true (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 583)
What types of personnel radiation monitors are used in diagnostic radiology? film badges, thermoluminescence dosimeters, and optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 589)
Where should the radiation monitor be placed if the radiologic technologist participates in fluoroscopy? on the collar above the protective apron (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 591)
What is the dose limit for technologists during pregnancy? 0.5mSv/mo (50mrem/mo) (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 593)
What is the dose limit for the fetus for the period of pregnancy? 5msv (500mrem) (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 593)
Technologists are required to wear two dosimeters during preganancy. True or false? true (Radiologic Sciences for Technologists Tenth Edition pg 593)
What is the primary function of filtration? to reduce patient skin dose (Radiography Examination pg 143)
What personnel radiation monitor will provide an immediate reading? pocket dosimeter (Radiography Examination pg 144)
Radiation output from a diagnostic x-ray tube is measured in what unit of measurement? roentgen (Radiography Examination pg 145)
The skin response to radiation exposure, which appears as reddening of the irradiated skin area- erythema (Radiography Examination pg 147)
what is direct effect? occurs with high-LET radiations and when ionization takes place at the DNA molecule itself (Radiography Examination pg 175)
what is indirect effect? happens when ionization takes place away from the DNA molecule in cellular water (Radiography Examination pg 175)
What is the annual occupational whole-body dose equivalent limit for students under the age of 18? 1mSv (100mrem or 0.1 rem) (Radiography Examination pg 150)
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