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Taith Iaith 2 Uned 3

Digwyddiad Arbennig

Digwyddiad Event
Arbennig Special
Ble? Where?
Pryd? When?
Faint o'r gloch? What time?
Gyda pwy? With who?
Sut? How?
Pam? Why?
Ble est ti? Where did you go?
Pryd est ti? When did you go?
Es i i... I went to...
i'r dref to town
i'r parti to the party
i siopa shopping
i'r gêm to the game
i gyngerdd to a concert
i'r sinema to the cinema
i weld ffilm to see a film
i'r disgo to the disco
i barti to a party
Dydd Sadwrn On Saturday
Dydd Sadwrn diwethaf Last Saturday
Ddoe Yesterday
Neithiwr Last night
Dros y penwythnos Over the weekend
Ar y penwythnos On the weekend
Nos Sadwrn diwethaf Last Saturday night
Pythefnos yn ôl A fortnight ago
Gyda ffrindiau With friends
Gyda fy mrawd With my brother
Gyda fy chwaer With my sister
Gyda fy nheulu With my family
Gyda fy nghariad With my boy/ girl friend
Ar y tren On the train
Yn y car In the car
Ar y bws On the bus
Ar y beic On the bike
Cerddais i I walked
Ces i lifft I had a lift
i gael amser da To have a good time
i gael bwyd To have food
i weld ffrindiau To see friends
i fwynhau fy hun To enjoy myself
Do Yes (used with the past tense)
Naddo No (used with the past tense)
Taith Journey
Awyren Plane
Cwch Boat
O gwmpas y byd Around the world
Ar y fferi On the ferry
i'r ffair To the fair
Bwyt__ Ate
Yf__ Drank
Cerdd__ Walked
Siarad__ Talked
Gwel__ Saw
Clyw__ Heard
Gwisg__ Wore
Dawnsi__ Danced
Cyrhaedd__ Arrived
Gadew__ Left
Gwrandaw__ Listened
Mwynheu__ Enjoyed
Roedd hi'n... She/ It was...
Roeddwn i'n... I was...
Hapus (iawn) (Very) happy
Falch Glad
Gynhyrfus Excited
Effro Alert/ awake
Drist Sad
Siomedig Disappointed
Flin/ ddig Angry
Ddiflas Bored
Wedi blino Tired
Gêm arbennig Special game
Diwrnod ym Mharc Oakwood A day in Oakwood
Noson Guto Ffowc Bonfire night
Cyngerdd pop Pop concert
Noson yn y ffair A night at the ffair
Trip i ... A trip to...
canu sing
dathlu celebrate
pris price
disgybl student
plant children
Created by: WelshPolyglot



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