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ARRT Exam Prep

Broad Prep

During a upper GI exam, a stomach of average shape demonstrates a barium- filled fundus and double contrast of the pylorus and duodenal bulb. The postion used is most likely LPO
The coronoid process should be visualized in profile in which postion? Medial Oblique
Windening of the intercostal spaces is characteristic of which of the following conditions? Emphysema, which is trapping of air that increases gradually and overexpand s the lungs. This produces the flatting of the hemidiaphragms and widening of the intercostal spaces.
Peacemakers electrodes can be introduced through a vein in the chest or uppernextremity, from where they are advanced to the Right Ventricle
What articulations participate in formation of the ankle mortise ? Talocalcaneal and Talofibular makes up the mortise which is the Tib Fib and Talus
To best visualize the lower ribs the exposure should be made? On Expiration
In the AP Axial projection ( Towne method)of the skull, with the CR directed 30 degrees caudad to the OML and passing midway between the external auditory meati, what will be shown Occipital Bone
The right posterior oblique position (judet menthod) of the right acetabulum will demonsrate the
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