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APS Social Studies

South East Asia

Cordillera parallel mountain ranges and plateaus, that extend into the indochina Peninsula
endemic species native to a particular area
insular Island country
flora plants
fauna animals
deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the autumn
The Malay Archipelago contains 20,000 islands, stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
Shan Plateau located in Myanmar, and lower temperatures than the rest of the country
Highland climates dominate the landscape of Myanmar, New Guinea, and Borneo
Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos,and Myanmar Southeast Asian countries that are partially or entirely on the Indochina Peninsula
Malaysia is home to the region's oldest forests
Vegetation in Singapore nearly 80% is imported
Rafflesia arnoldii the world's largest flower
Orchids grown in Thailand,there are more than 1,000 species
bearded pig found only in Borneo
lacewing butterfly found in Borneo
Komodo Dragon The world's largest lizard
Annam Cordillera mountain range that separates Vietnam from Laos and Cambodia
Arakan Yoma Range is located in western Myanmar
Bilauktaung Range runs along the border between Myanmar and Thailand
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