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RADT 465: Rad Pro.

ARRT registry review covering Radiation Protection

The term optimization for radiation protection is synonymous with which other term? ALARA
What are two examples of natural sources of ionizing radiation? Radioactive elements in the crust of the earth and in the human body.
An equivalent dose as low as 0.25 Sv delivered to the whole body may cause which of the following within a few days? A decrease in the number of lymphocytes in the blood.
The degree to which a diagnostic study accurately reveals the presence or absence of disease in the patient defines which term? Diagnostic efficacy
What was recognized as the main adverse health effect from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power accident? Increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer in children and adolescents.
Exit, or image-formation, radiation is composed of which of the following? Non-interacting and small-angle scattered photons.
What contributes greatly to the exposure of the radiographer during an exam? Compton-scattered photons
In the radiographic kV range, which of the following structures will undergo the most photoelectric absorption? Compact bone
In which x-ray interaction with matter is the energy of the incident photon partially absorbed? Compton
When a high atomic number solution is either injected or ingested into human tissue or a structure to visualize it during an imaging procedure, what will occur? Photoelectric interaction becomes significantly enhanced, leading to an increase in the absorbed dose in the body tissues or structures that contain the contrast medium.
Which characteristic primarily differentiates the probability of occurrence of the various interactions of x-radiation with human tissue? Energy of the incoming photon
Which factors influence attenuation? Effective atomic number of the absorber, mass density, thickness of the absorber.
A decrease in contrast of an image by adding an additional, unwanted density results from which interaction between x-radiation and matter? Compton scattering
The interactions of x-ray photons with any atoms of biologic matter are what? Random in nature, and therefore the effects of such interactions cannot be predicted with certainty.
What was used as the first measure of exposure for ionizing radiation? Skin erythema
What is the unit of collection effective dose (ColEfD)? Person-sievert
The tissue weighting factor is used to do what? Account for the risk to the entire organism brought on by irradiation of individual tissues and organs.
If the absorbed dose is stated in rad, gray may be determined by doing what? Dividing by 100.
What does the traditional radiation unit, the roentgen, measure? Radiation exposure in air only.
Which radiation quantity accounts for some biologic tissues being more sensitive to radiation damage than other tissues? Effective dose
What is determined by dividing the number of rad by 100? Number of gray
When laser light is incident on the sensing material in an OSL dosimeter, the material does what? Becomes luminescent in proportion to the amount of radiation exposure received.
Which chemical functions as the sensing material in a thermoluminescent dosimeter? Lithium fluoride
During routine radiographic procedures, when a protective apron is not being worn, the primary personnel dosimeter should be attached to the clothing on the front of the body where? Collar level to approximate the maximum radiation dose to the thyroid and the head and neck.
During diagnostic imaging procedures, how should the radiation dose to the abdomen of a pregnant radiographer be monitored during gestation? It should be obtained from a second radiation monitor worn at abdominal level.
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