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ABGS Unit 1

Phase II Block 3

What is the purpose for Arterial Blood Gas samples? Measurement of pH, pCO2, pO2, NA, K, Ca++, Hb, HbCO, HbMet, O2Hb.
What are the results of ABG's used for? Assess ventilator support, acid base balance, oxygenation and the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, therapeutic intervention, or severity of a disease process.
What can an arterial puncture cause? Vessel spasm, laceration of artery, intraluminal bleeding, hematoma, and nerve damage.
Peri-arterial tissues are insensitive to pain such as? Muscle, tendon or fat
Peri-arterial tissues are sensitive to pain such as? Bone periosteum or nerves
Site progression for arterial puncture in Adults? Radial, Brachial, or Femoral
Site progression for arterial puncture in Infants? Temporal or Umbilical
Arterial Blood Gas Kits with Liquid(Pulsator) Heparin? 3 cc syringe, sodium heparin, and rubber stopper.
Arterial Blood Gas Kits with Dry (Provent) Heparin? 3 cc syringe, lithium heparin, provent filter, and rubber stopper.
What should you do first before performing ABG? Verify orders and verify patient
What should you pre-set syringe plunger at for Dry (Provent) Heparin? 1-1/2 cc
When performing modified Allens test; rapid perfusion of blood back into the hand should occur within how long? 5 seconds
What is an adequate blood sample obtained for ABG? 2-4 mls
How long should you apply pressure if patient is on anti-coagulant therapy? 10-15 minutes
When storing blood samples in ice bath, how long can they last? 1 hour
What does VAMP stand for? Venous Arterial Blood Management Protection System
When using a VAMP how long should it take to draw reservoir up? 3-5 seconds
Blood should not remain in the reservoir longer than how long for a VAMP? 3 minutes
Samples must be labeled with what? Date and time, sample site and result of MAT, Pt's body temperature, RR and Vt, FiO2 or liter flow rate, and mode of ventilation.
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