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appendix c

absorption amount of medication enters bloodstream
accredidation process granting recognition (institution)
ambulatory pharmacy retail
automated dispensing technology electronic storage cabinets secure meds and dispense to caregivers
automated medication dispensing device drug storage device that contains an inventory of meds that are electronically dispensed
bioavailabilty % of an administered dose of a medication that reaches the blood stream
brand-name drug drug that is covered by a patent and is therefore only available from a single manufacturer.
buccal between cheek and gum
centralized dispensing automation technology that assists in selection and dispensing of drug products
centralized pharmacy pharmacy services provided form one location
certification voluntary process by which nongovernmental agencies grants recognition to an individual who has met qualifications
chain pharmacy pharmacy that is part of a large number of corporately owned pharmacies
community pharmacy stand-alone pharmacy located in a community
controlled substances drugs or chemical substances whose possession and use are regulated by FCCA
decentralized pharmacy pharmacy services that are provided on or near a patient care area
dispensing act of preparing a medication for use by a patient as authorized by a prescription
drug distribution services system used to distribute medication that begins when meds are received by the pharm and ends when admin to patient
medication administration record (MAR) paper patient medical record, nurses/health care providers document times dates med adminstered
medication order written, electronic, telephone or verbal request for a patient medication in an inpatient setting
national drug code (NDC) unique # assigned to each drug, strength and package size for the purpose of identification
ointment semi-solid medicatin dosage form, applied to skin
OTC over the counter drugs without a prescription
parenteral route medication administration that bypasses gastrointestinal tract ie. iv, im or subq
patient counseling educating a patient by a pharmacist regarding proper use of prescribed drug
pharmacist health care pro licensed by the state
prescription written or verbal authorization for use of a particular drug
primary prescription label label affixed to a dispensed drug product, that contains legally required information, including pharmacy name, address, patient name, prescriber name, drug name...
professional person who practices an occupation or vocation that requires advanced specialized training
professionalism actively demonstrating the attitudes and qualities/behaviors of a professional
registration process of making a list or being enrolled in a list
STAT immediately
subcutaneous deposited in the tissue just under the skin
subgingival administered via the subgingival space, between tooth and gum
sublingual under tongue
technician skilled in parasitical or mechanical nature of a profession
topical applied to the skin, mucous membranes or other external body parts
transdermal through the skin
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