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Finding miracles


convey(the real you) 17 Show who you really are " So, class a detail or to convey the real you!
awkward 19 uncomfortable He look so awkward up here.
ditto 61 this is also true Ditto in high school in small town.
no barrier 63 no problem He didn't speak much English but that was no barrier
bawling 140 crying Right before they burst out bawling.
fierce 129 angry Kate sounded fierce and scared.
wasted 135 drunk I was in such a sweat that the I brought.
welter 134 rush Filing a welter of relief and, surprisingly, sades.
stirrings 102 fillings stirrings about my birth parents.
dump 35 stopped being friends with It wasn't Em dumped Meredith to be close to me.
I felt my heart sink 41 I was terrified. I felt my heart sink.
dote on 45 is very kind to Happy dotes on her only grandson.
perish 47 died family stayed and later perished in the Holocaust.
prod 62 ask Em prodded.
disarming 69 friendly, gently Pablo's face broke into a disarming smile.
hyper 78 strange that hyped friendliness want to you.
let loose 80 relax and have fun it was first time when I'd see Pablo really let loose.
graffiti 20 scratches and vegetable I stared down at the graffiti on my desk until it began to swim under my eyes
take a leak 20 to the bathroom Em had to ask permission to go take a leak
piped up 23 said Hey Mil he piped up.
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